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Are you looking for an eCommerce platform with speed, flexibility, scalability, faster time to market, and lower TCO (total cost of ownership)? You’ve got Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus supports Headless Commerce and Composable commerce approach providing the flexibility for brands to deliver exceptional experiences. The platform’s API-first framework enables you to connect to multiple third-party systems and manage them all under a single interface. You can choose from thousands of community developers and system integrators to take care of your eCommerce project. On top of these, you get extensive support from the Shopify Plus team.

Shopify Plus Agency

We provide end-to-end Shopify Plus services ranging from implementation to customization. Our team helps you configure the SaaS platform to your business-specific requirements and pick the right Shopify Plus apps to provide the advanced functionalities you prefer. Our UI and UX team can customize themes and also help in your headless commerce initiatives, ultimately establishing a great frontend experience that customers love. With the SaaS advantage, all of these get to market faster.

Our Shopify Services

End-to-end Shopify Plus services for B2C and B2B. Get started right away.

Magento Implementation

Implementation Services

Get your eCommerce store to market faster with the SaaS advantage of Shopify Plus. Using the platform’s API-first architecture and microservices framework, we can configure your store and build new functionalities to render engaging frontend experiences and simplify backend operations. We can customize the built-in functionalities to align your store to your audience and market.

Migration Services

Migrate to Shopify Plus from monolithic or custom-built eCommerce systems. Apart from getting your store re-platformed, team Ziffity helps pick the right Shopify Plus apps for you to deliver all the functionalities your customers and operations teams were experiencing before. We also chip in to cater to your custom development and integration requirements once the migration is complete.

Integration Services

Go beyond limits with your Shopify Plus store's integration capabilities. With Shopify Plus's flexibility, your opportunities to handpick third-party systems for your storefront or backend requirements are endless. With our integration expertise, we can help you seamlessly integrate ERP, CRM, shipment, PIM, marketing, marketplaces and analytics systems into your Shopify Plus store.

Team up with our Shopify agency to get started with your eCommerce initiatives.

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US Electrical – eCommerce
US Electrical – eCommerce

< 3 seconds loading time for a B2B2C eCommerce store

Dynojet – eCommerce
Dynojet – eCommerce

100% increase in revenue within 3 months of launch

Fox Chapel – eCommerce
Fox Chapel – eCommerce

35% increase in revenue migrating from Magento 1 to 2

AAO – eCommerce
AAO – eCommerce

15% faster checkout achieved through migration

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Frequently asked questions

Why choose Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is a SaaS eCommerce platform that provides two major advantages that any brand would want: Faster time to market and Lower TCO (Total cost of ownership).

The platform offers speed, scalability, and flexibility due to its API-first and microservices-based framework. You can integrate multiple third-party systems and implement a headless or composable commerce approach. On top of these, you have a large developers community and solution partners who can offer you help from implementation to customization and everything in between.

Why should I choose Shopify Plus over Shopify?

While both are SaaS-based and cloud-native eCommerce platforms, the major difference is the business size. Shopify caters to small and medium businesses that want to start small and go to market faster.

Shopify rolled out Shopify Plus in 2014, especially to align with the needs of large and enterprise-grade businesses. Shopify Plus is apt for both B2B and B2C companies with complex eCommerce logic, large SKUs, sophisticated features, and scalability requirements. Shopify Plus also offers a lower TCO and faster time-to-market advantage for enterprise businesses as well.

You can check out our comparison blog if you want a head-to-head comparison of Shopify Plus with other major eCommerce platforms.

Why should I choose Ziffity for Shopify Plus services?

Ziffity is an official partner of Shopify. We have 9+ years of eCommerce experience providing services like implementation, migration, integration, and managed services. We bring to you the partner advantage, like knowing the nuances and capabilities of the platform, which enables us to get things done in the stipulated time flawlessly.

We can perform customization to facilitate unique digital experiences and backend features your operations teams might need.

Can I perform code customization in Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus allows you to perform code customization. If you choose Shopify, the customization capabilities are limited. Our Shopify Developers can help you build new functionalities and features to deliver unique experiences for your customers.

Does Shopify plus provide holistic eCommerce solutions?

Shopify Plus facilitates everything that an eCommerce store requires. The platform provides inventory management, order management, multiple payment options, pre-designed themes, analytics, marketplace integration and a list of other features out of the box. Moreover, the customizability of the platform enables you to offer personalized experiences as well. Shopify Plus also provides separate suites for B2B and B2C, enabling business owners to have the essential features required for their stores.

What is your approach to Shopify Plus implementation?

Our Shopify Plus implementation starts with discovery, with separate sessions for Commerce, Content, Channel, Customer (marketing), and Creatives. We then determine the scope and get into the project plan. Once we go live, we also provide managed services.

How does the engagement model work?

Based on the scope of work, we determine we can decide on the engagement model that’s appropriate. We can go for a retainer deal if your project has complexities. In a retainer deal, we provide a dedicated team of consultants, developers, and UI experts and bill on a monthly basis.

How much time overlap will there be between us?

Our Shopify Plus development team is based out of India. We assign a dedicated relationship manager. With respect to the technical team, you will have an overlap till 2 pm EST.

Can I integrate Shopify Plus with marketplace websites?

Shopify Plus provides built-in integration support for marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. As Shopify Plus has partnered with these marketplaces, integrating your store with these marketplaces can be achieved quickly.

How does project communication happen?

During the discovery phase, which will happen for 2 to 4 weeks, we will have daily web meetings. After the discovery, based on the requirements, we will reduce it to one or two web meetings a week. We will have a monthly steering committee meeting in which all senior stakeholders from both ends discuss the progress and upcoming plans.

We will communicate through emails, Slack, Jira, and Confluence as well.

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