Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration Services

Amplify the capabilities of your eCommerce store.

Integrate your enterprise eCommerce store with any third-party systems of your choice. Taking advantage of the enterprise platform’s accommodative nature, you can connect ERP, fulfillment, or any management or marketing systems with your store to leverage the combined benefit of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and third-party systems.

Get started with SFCC integration services

Integrate preferred third-party systems to your SFCC store to improve operational efficiency and experience administrational ease by managing everything from a single console. As your integration partner, we help build middleware, synchronize data exchange, identify the right connectors, and maintain and upgrade them. We also help you tap the potential of other built-in capabilities in the SFCC ecosystem by integrating CRM (Sales Cloud), Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

Ziffity’s SFCC Integration Services

Augment your eCommerce store by integrating handy third-party systems.

Marketplace Integration

Integrate salesforce with multi-vendor marketplaces where your customers thrive. Ziffity can integrate popular marketplaces like Amazon with your store. From showcasing select product catalogs on Amazon to set up your fulfillment, we help you throughout your marketplace integration.

ERP Integration

Sync your inventory, pricing, product information, and other crucial data stored in your ERP with your Magento store. We establish seamless connectivity between the two systems ensuring updates happen in real-time, which facilitates zero delays in order processing and fulfillment.

Payment Integration

Offer your customers the convenience of paying through multiple payment options. Using Salesforce Billing, we can integrate the most sought-after payment gateways to mobile wallets like Apple Pay into your eCommerce store.

SFCC Cloud Suite Integration

Make the best out of Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s compatibility with Salesforce Marketing, Service, Sales, and Community cloud. With our all-around knowledge of the Salesforce products, we can make your store the centralized interface to manage your commerce, operations, and marketing across all channels.

Get a cost and time estimate for integrating third-party systems with your SFCC store.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How much time will Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration take?

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration time taken is based on the third-party system you choose and the purpose it serves. Heavy third-party systems like ERP that carry loads of information and require information exchange with your store’s backend will take time.

    The data transfer, volume, velocity, and direction of data flow all factor into the integration time for Salesforce CommerceCloud. We get your preferences in these areas, sync your third-party system carefully, and perform multiple testing levels to ensure flawlessness.

    Can I integrate ERP with Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    Yes, we can integrate ERP systems with SFCC. If there are restrictions or limitations within the ERP you choose and SFCC, we can identify a middleware and customize it to enable smooth data exchange.

    How much time will ERP integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud take?

    The time to integrate ERP with Salesforce Commerce Cloud could roughly be 700 hours. As we have discussed earlier, based on factors like data transfer, volume, velocity, and direction of data flow, the integration cost will differ.

    How much will Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration cost?

    The cost of integrating ERP, fulfillment, or any third-party tool that SFCC does not offer out-of-the-box depends upon the system you choose. Factors like the complexity of the ERP, data transfer, data volume, the direction of data flow, etc will be taken into consideration to determine Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration cost.

    Can I integrate CMS (content management system) with Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers a built-in content management system. You can integrate it to showcase your content that answers customer questions at every phase of their buying journey.

    Can I integrate marketplaces with Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    You can integrate popular marketplaces like Amazon and eBay with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Our team can help you integrate your seller accounts with your store’s backend and enable a single point of control for your operations across both channels.

    Can I integrate marketing automation tools with Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    You can integrate marketing automation tools like Salesforce Commerce Cloud. As the first option, you have Salesforce Marketing Cloud, which offers automation features to take care of your outreach and social media marketing campaigns.

    SFMC offers extensive email marketing automation features through which you can:

    • Segment audience
    • Target them with the right message at the right time on any device
    • Automate email campaigns and follow-ups
    • A/B test to identify what works best
    • Build one-to-one relationships with customers
    • Improve conversions
    • Finetune email campaigns on the go
    • You can also leverage Salesforce Service Cloud (SFSC) to improve customer engagement and satisfaction. SFSC is the customer support console that offers a broad range of services like ‘Case Management’, ‘Omni-channel Routing’, customer service on social channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc), custom data for automation and so on.

    Can I take a headless approach using Salesforce Commerce cloud?

    Yes. The feature is called ‘Salesforce Composable Storefront’. This feature allows code customization to build a headless storefront. To create headless experiences, SFCC provides its users with the PWA kit and Managed Runtime.

    PWA Kit - Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s PWA Kit (PWA Kit 3.0) is a framework that allows users to build fast-loading mobile web applications on REACT.JS. You can choose from multiple project templates and leverage Salesforce API to go to market faster.

    Managed Runtime - Using Managed Runtime, you can host, implement and manage storefronts built using PWA Kit. You can offload the server management duties and focus on storefront development.

    What if the 3rd party system has some issues while integrating?

    Under such circumstances, we contact the vendor providing the third-party system to resolve issues quickly so your go-live is not delayed. If your preferred third-party system is unstable, we can build middleware to avoid a single point of failure and dependency.

    What if my ERP/3rd party APIs are not ready in time for go-live?

    We understand that integration takes time and meticulous work. So, we start the integration operations ahead, which gives us enough time to test API connections under various conditions. We also consider the API project time in our roadmap. We can also provide you with API experts to augment your in-house team.

    What happens when my ERP/3rd party system goes through an upgrade?

    As a practice, we make sure that there’s no single point of failure in terms of third-party systems. We inform our clients in advance about planned outages and upgrades so that their eCommerce operations can carry on with less or no impact. We also enable them to send prior notifications to customers about the downtimes, if any (during non-business hours). We also make sure the necessary upgrade is done within the planned outage time.

    Can I integrate AI-powered capabilities into my eCommerce store?

    Yes. Salesforce’s built-in AI ‘Salesforce Einstein’ is the artificial intelligence platform that can help eCommerce store owners in multiple ways like:

    Product Recommendations - Suggest relevant products based on their behavior and purchase history

    Commerce Insights - Provides insights on customers, products, orders etc, to make data-driven marketing decisions

    Predictive Sort - Ranks products higher using information from a user's browsing and purchase history

    Search Directories - Improve the accuracy of search results

    Search Recommendations - Personalized search term completion and search suggestions based on the search history of customers

    To explore in detail about Einstein AI, check out our blog.

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