Our video podcast channel discusses the trends and growth challenges in the eCommerce industry.

PODCAST | Lance Owide

B2B stores often face unique challenges in the purchase process, including longer sales cycles, complex decision-making, and the need to cater to the specific requirements of customers. Lance Owide’s insights on how B2B stores can overcome these challenges can help improve your store’s purchase process and conversions.

PODCAST | Esteban Delgado and Marco Rodriguez

Customer happiness is a testament to the quality of service delivered. We’d like you to hear it from our clients themselves. In this podcast, we bring Esteban Delgado, eCommerce and Digital Marketing Manager at Travers Tool Mexico, to share how team Zififty helped achieve their digital objectives and enabled future growth.

PODCAST | Nitu Walker

Your store’s checkout experience can make or break conversions. Payment is the last step in providing a smooth and zippy checkout experience. Consumers have become accustomed to a variety of payment options. As an eCommerce store, you’ll have to cater to these expectations. Here are the must-have payment options that Nitu Walker, Sales Enablement Evangelist at Adobe Commerce Services, is recommending for eCommerce brands.

PODCAST | Aaron Sheehan

Is ‘Headless Commerce’ hyped? Does it deliver value for the businesses that embrace it? Does it suit businesses of all sizes? What factors should you consider before you start planning for it? Our podcast with Aaron Sheehan, Director of Competitive Strategy at BigCommerce, has got answers to all your questions related to Headless Commerce.

PODCAST | Brian Beck

Why is it the high time for B2B companies to step up and plan for digital commerce initiatives? Brian Beck, one of the trusted B2B influencers in the American and European markets, shares his thoughts and facts-backed opinions, insisting on the importance of B2B eCommerce. Also, watch out for inspiring eCommerce success stories he has shared with our audience on our podcast channel.

PODCAST | Jennifer Greune and Chris Simmons

Earthlite, the world’s #1 brand for professional massage tables and spa essentials, wanted to consolidate its product line offered under several brand names into a centralized and scalable eCommerce infrastructure. In this video, Earthlite’s Director of Digital Marketing & eCommerce, Jennifer Greune, shares her experience partnering with Ziffity to achieve the brand’s eCommerce objectives using Adobe Commerce (earlier Magento).

PODCAST | Mark Payne

Every growing Magento store needs regular upgrades, security checks and continuous innovation to keep winning in the eCommerce space. Hence, a dedicated support team is crucial. Retailers in the UK have more reasons than those mentioned above to sign up with a Magento support partner. This podcast highlights the top 5 reasons why retailers in the UK need a Magento support team.

PODCAST | Chris Simmons

Are you looking for a partner to take care of your cloud-related requirements? Ziffity is a worthy contender. As an IT & Services agency that has powered B2B and B2C brands for over 8 years, we’ve amassed rich experience working with the world’s top cloud platforms. Check out our podcast to explore our entire range of cloud services.

PODCAST | Andrew Bouchard

At a time when online shopping has reached its all-time high and gaining more momentum, it is important for brands to adopt emerging marketing trends to target their audiences at the right time in platforms they thrive with the right marketing message. In this podcast, we have discussed 5 marketing trends that brands should be aware of in 2021.

PODCAST | Chris Simmons

The acceleration in eCommerce growth last year is getting even better in 2021. Gaining organic visibility through SEO is all the more critical now as every action that users perform in their buying journey is connected with search engines. There are a lot more reasons why SEO should be the top priority this year.

PODCAST | Chris Simmons

AI has penetrated deep into B2B and B2C commerce opening new possibilities in personalization and automation. eCommerce frontrunners like Amazon, eBay are making it big with AI. This podcast highlights five areas where brands, small or big, can start adopting Artificial Intelligence.

PODCAST | Marco Rodriguez

As eCommerce is the need of the hour, urgency in taking the digital plunge is making B2B brands overlook the minute details that need to be understood, discussed, and made a part of a well laid out implementation plan. This podcast is pivoted on helping brands understand the crucial areas of eCommerce implementation.

PODCAST | Allie Maddison

You spend a lot of time selecting your eCommerce agency, but what if things still don’t work out? To provide an upper hand to our clients in such scenarios, Ziffity follows a de-risking approach and offers a one-month-performance-check-clause.

PODCAST | Chris Simmons

Choosing the right eCommerce agency is one of the crucial decisions that every ecommerce firm has to go through. This podcast is an attempt to help you understand why Ziffity can be a contender in the list of agencies you choose to partner with.

PODCAST | Andrew Bouchard

Adobe acquired Magento in 2019. What’s changed since then, and how will it benefit the partner community and merchants? Find the answers in this podcast featuring Matt Boland from Adobe.

PODCAST | Chris Simmons

Finding the right eCommerce agency is tough, as there are hundreds of agencies providing development services no matter which platform you choose. Our 8-step approach can help you find the best partner for your scope and budget.

PODCAST | Chris Simmons

Top 5 criteria to compare Magento and Shopify eCommerce platform and pick the one appropriate for your business.

PODCAST | Andrew Bouchard

How Health and Beauty retailers can leverage eCommerce better to take on rapidly changing buyer behaviors during challenging times and beyond.

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