Importance of eCommerce SEO

Chris Simmons

Importance of eCommerce SEO

Chris Simmons

For eCommerce brands, quick results for marketing efforts matter. But SEO results that last long are equally important. Though SEO is a continuous process and takes time to start benefiting, playing the waiting game can do good to eCommerce businesses in a lot of ways. In this podcast, Chris Simmons, Ziffity’s Growth Leader, will elaborate on 5 reasons why SEO should be the topmost priority for eCommerce brands in their marketing initiatives.

Podcast Script

Whenever the importance of SEO for eCommerce is taken as a topic of discussion, the question of “Why has SEO been put on the back burner?” comes in the first place. Why is this?

It’s because paid marketing provides faster results. Though quick results matter, SEO is still vital for eCommerce retailers for many reasons. Today I’d like to provide the top 5 reasons that eCommerce brands should consider SEO as their frontline strategy in the year 2021.

Reason #1: Organic traffic familiarizes your brand in the customers’ buying journey.

Search is the first step in a customer’s buying journey. Google’s first page results captured 92% of online search traffic in recent years – stated by Forbes. So, failing to earn top spots in SERPs means your brand will miss a lot of traffic and won’t be visible to customers at the very first phase of their buying journey.

Reason #2 = SERPs, or ‘Search Engine Result Pages’ result in traffic and, in turn, sales.

Search is also an integral part of the decision making process. 81% of people perform some online research before making a large purchase. Now, that’s something hard to miss out on. So, it is evident that SEO contributes to visibility, which translates to clicks and, in turn, result in sales.

Reason #3 = SEO lasts long and augments other marketing efforts.

The more time you are holding onto the top spot, the more your clicks and conversions will be. Unlike paid campaigns, you need not start from zero every single time. SEO also augments other marketing campaigns like paid retargeting.

Reason #4 = SEO wins paid marketing efforts hands down in terms of cost.

Traffic gained through SEO strategies demand zero cost for clicks, impressions, or conversions though there is an indirect cost involved in maintaining an SEO team. Though SEO is a never-ending process, the results are clearly better than paid marketing efforts making SEO still the most cost-effective medium.

And lastly, Reason #5 = eCommerce SEO paves the way for a 360-degree perfection.

Preparing for organic rankings means preparing your website from all angles. On the technical front, your mobile experiences, loading speed and security should be top-notch. When it comes to content, authenticity, relevant keywords in the right places, and optimizing for rich snippets matter. All these factors collectively ensure that a great user experience is delivered.

Well, that sums up our list of top 5 reasons for eCommerce brands to consider SEO as the pivot of their marketing strategy. Check out our blog to explore in detail on this topic. Cheers… buh buyee..

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