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Digital Marketing has become an integral part of eCommerce organizations. From being a strategy to earn traffic, digital marketing has evolved leaps and bounds by helping brands get the word out about its digital presence, acquire new customers, explore cross-border markets, build a loyal consumer community, and grow continuously.

With advancements in marketing technologies and AI-powered automation tools, brands can now create personalized messaging and target customers across multiple sales channels at the right time.

Digital Marketing Trends and Thought Leadership Stories

Digital Marketing tips to leverage the delayed back-to-school season

The coronavirus pandemic has forced schools into a delayed start. Fall is the season most of the schools across the US are considering to reopen. Well, there is a positive side to it.

How is Artificial Intelligence creating an impact in B2B marketing?

This blog identifies areas where B2B brands can implement Artificial Intelligence in their digital marketing strategies and how it greatly benefits both businesses and their target consumers.

How can B2B eCommerce brands leverage Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation systems help orchestrate, streamline and measure marketing campaigns. In this blog we focus on the key features and benefits of marketing automation systems for B2B brands.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Our eCommerce SEO strategy includes keyword research, prioritizing pages, finding and mapping keywords to each page, structuring PDP and listing pages for conversions, optimizing meta titles, descriptions, URLs, fixing duplicate content issues and more. We continuously optimize metadata and page links for search engines to crawl and comprehend the website content.

Pay per Click Management

Pay per Click (PPC) is one way to reach the top in search results instantly. Whether it is search engine results or digital platforms, PPC can help bridge the gap between a brand and the target audience. Tap into our experience in data-driven strategies, campaign optimizations and a 360-degree view of the sales funnel, and get the most out of PPC expenditures.

Facebook Marketing

Our Facebook marketing experts use the latest digital marketing tools and techniques to make sure they reach the target customers. Whether you seek Facebook for scaling and expanding or just starting to research paid advertising, we’ll unleash the full potential of Facebook advertising and help your business grow.

Amazon Marketing

Amazon advertising efforts help improve your sales graph faster. By analyzing the periodic advertising reports, we derive insights to optimize Amazon marketing strategy. We improvise product listing pages, design custom store pages and ensure your other online advertising strategies work in tandem to yield the best ROI from all your online advertising channels.

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation can make or break your business growth strategy. We continuously monitor the brand search queries in search results and social media, address the negative online reviews, media backlash, and staged rivalry attacks, professionally. We’ll help build brand image, customer loyalty, thriving user community on social media to attract new users.


We use cutting-edge marketing automation tools to reach out to more customers at various stages in the marketing funnel such as awareness, consideration, purchase, retention and advocacy. Our automation activities focus on building your brand, connecting with new contacts, re-engage lapsed, or inactive customers.

Why choose Ziffity as your digital marketing partner?

Certified Professionals

Our Google Ads-certified and Google Analytics-certified professionals can bring to your table their rich experience gathered working on various digital marketing projects for emerging and enterprise-grade brands.

Team Strength

Our flat-hierarchy and engaging work culture promote transparency, creativity, and higher productivity. Our team members continuously polish their knowledge through various skill development programs and contribute their best to the team and achieve excellence in all tasks.

Multi-industry Experience

Ziffity has rich experience in delivering digital marketing solutions for brands spanning across industries. Our vast experience and commitment to deliver high-quality services help in solving adverse challenges with fortitude.

Our Clients


Frequently asked questions

What are marketing software and tools Ziffity specializes in?

Our in-house digital marketing team has certified experts in marketing tools and automation technologies like Marketo, HubSpot, Dotdigital, and Google AdWords.

What is the composition of your in-house team?

Our marketing team consists of web designers, SEO experts, content writers, and marketing strategists. We have all the essential expertise in-house.

How do you offer your digital marketing services?

We offer our digital marketing services, SEO services, and PPC services based on packages structured for small, medium, and enterprise businesses. We also provide custom plans for brands with unique marketing requirements.

What are the metrics included in your standard reports?

Our reports include CPC results, CTR, keyword positions in search engine page rankings, ad positions, and conversion rates. We deliver these reports in a streamlined format so that it’s easy to conceive and keep track of progress.

What are the industries/sectors Ziffity has provided digital marketing services for?

We have served renowned B2C and B2B brands across several industries and niches like the automobile, health, and beauty, publishing, electrical supplies, fashion, apparel, sports, food, grocery, and more.

what our customers say

"I am TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by the work. Many Thanks and Congratulations to the team for such beautiful work. "

"I have been working with Ziffity for about 4 months now and we have already corrected all our issues on the existing platform. Ziffity has been nothing short of excellent."

"In a short period of time since launch, we have had a hockey stick level of growth. Hats off to team Ziffity for a job well done."

"We are so impressed with the results of Ziffity’s work on our SEO initiatives. You have done a fabulous job."

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