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Has the eCommerce platform your enterprise business store is operating on become too cumbersome? Is it too hard for your teams to run, update and maintain your online store? If your platform is holding you back, it’s time to migrate to one that will allow you to thrive. Migrating to BigCommerce is a smart business move, one that will provide you with the flexibility you need to enter new markets and serve new customer groups.

With a BigCommerce eCommerce website, you gain the benefits of a secure, user-friendly platform that is cost-effective. As a registered BigCommerce partner, Ziffity can manage your migration to BigCommerce, as well as customize the platform to meet your enterprise business’ unique needs.

Are you planning to migrate to BigCommerce?

BigCommerce, as an open-source SaaS platform, is cost-effective and easy to customize. This flexible, market-tested platform offers great out-of-the-box functionality. Ziffity is a Certified Partner Agency with BigCommerce. We have the in-house technical expertise, customer support and development experience to enable cross-platform migration.

Cross Platform Migration Support

  • Magento to BigCommerce
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud to BigCommerce
  • Shopify/Shopify Plus to BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce to BigCommerce

Migration Services

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Shopping Cart Migration
  • Involves restructuring the entire site
  • Maintain SEO rankings
  • Build website traffic and customer loyalty
Managing 301 redirects
  • Manage 301 redirects to the new online store
  • Make the website findable for Google and customers
  • Maintain SEO and customer loyalty
Control Panel
  • Manage all options for configuration and setup
  • Perform all configurations during migration
  • Prepare for necessary configuration setups later
  • Create CMS pages and blogs
  • Create new marketing plans and promotion rules
  • Edit home page layouts via page builder tool
Catalog Data Migration
  • Leverage available automation and tools
  • Seamlessly migrate entire product catalog
  • Transfer existing structure to target catalog
  • Move products, categories, and other data
BC4WP plugin
  • BC4WP, or BigCommerce for WordPress
  • Leverage headless architecture
  • Use WordPress for UI/UX
  • Power backend with BigCommerce
Theme migration
  • Seamless automatic theme migration where available
  • Manual theme migration where needed due to platform incompatibility

Partner with our team of developers to migrate from your current platform to BigCommerce.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Why migrate to BigCommerce?

    BigCommerce offers all the features required to build a fully functional eCommerce store out of the box. The platform’s SaaS architecture makes it easier to reduce development time and coding compared to open-source platforms. BigCommerce offers flexibility in terms of customizing features and integrating third-party systems. You have flexible plans to choose from as your business grows. The hosting and upgrade responsibilities happen automatically.

    How much does it cost to migrate to BigCommerce?

    The cost of migrating to BigCommerce depends upon various factors. The cost of the premium plan you are choosing has to be taken into account.

    BigCommerce Plan Cost Per Month Sales Threshold
    Standard $29.95 $50K
    Plus $79.95 $180K
    Pro $299.95 $400
    Enterprise Must call for a quote Call for info

    Other cost-incurring factors include - Data import requirements, custom-built theme or premium theme cost, the number of third-party systems you want to integrate with your BigCommerce store, and so on.

    For a clear idea about the cost of your BigCommerce migration, get in touch with our experts.

    Will my SEO rankings get affected after migrating to BigCommerce?

    Irrespective of the platform you are migrating from to BigCommerce, with well-planned SEO precautions, we can keep your SEO rankings intact. There might be a slight dip in SEO rankings but not a drastic change. Our marketing experts include SEO preparation in the migration plan, where we understand the existing condition and devise strategies accordingly to retain the ratings.

    What will happen to my data when migration happens?

    Data migration is an important part of the migration process. The data structure might differ from the platform you are migrating from. Our BigCommerce migration experts plan to resolve the differences and get key customer data, catalog data, and data from third-party systems safely moved to your new infrastructure. Also, we plan to get the customization done in your existing website to your new facility by finding appropriate extensions or performing necessary customization in BigCommerce.

    Will BigCommerce migration affect site performance?

    No. Your store’s loading speed won’t be affected. BigCommerce has a light architecture that enables faster loading. But not at the cost of stability or reliability. Our performance optimization experts make sure the loading speed before and after migration remains unchanged. We also provide plans to optimize your store for faster loading speed further.

    What happens to all my existing integrations?

    Our BigCommerce migration plan includes separate research to make your third-party system integrations from your existing platform compatible with your new store. Sometimes, there might be default compatibility that BigCommerce offers to the system you want to retain from your old setup. If that’s not the case, we can build middleware or use third–party connectors approved and verified by the BigCommerce platform to perform a seamless integration. We take into account every touchpoint involved in the integration and test rigorously to ensure smooth data exchange between your store and other systems.

    What if I need a new design as part of BigCommerce migration?

    Yes, that can be done. You can opt for a new custom design theme or buy a premium BigCommerce theme and perform customization to it as well. In both cases, the pricing for the creative design part and customization will be included in the migration project.

    We will have an exclusive team assigned for the creative design part while the technical team will keep progressing with the migration part. With our UI experts, we will bolt in the necessary functional elements, thus providing a refreshing look and better user experience for your new store on BigCommerce.

    What if I am not happy with the work done by Ziffity?

    We provide a safety net for your BigCommerce migration initiative. We follow a de-risking approach, under which we provide a 1-month-performance-check clause. During the first month of the engagement, if you are not satisfied with the work done by us or communication, you can disengage with Ziffity. You need not pay anything for whatever work done till then.

    How much time overlap will there be between us?

    We have a full overlap of time. Our BigCommerce migration and development is completely based out of India. However, we have relationship managers and solution specialists onshore who can help with your queries quickly. With the technical team, you will be experiencing an overlap till 2 pm EST. Our onshore officials will always be standing by to help you with any emergency or high-priority clarifications.

    What if I want to do the design part on my own?

    Yes, you can take care of the creative design part yourself. Be it your in-house designers or an external creative agency you are working with; we can collaborate with them well to take things forward. You can get your creatives done based on your style and branding guidelines. We will take care of the UI development part.

    How does project communication happen?

    We start with the discovery phase, which usually extends to 2 to 4 weeks. We plan to have daily web meetings to understand your business, communicate our findings, discuss project plans, and set expectations on the outcomes.

    After the discovery, we suggest meeting once or twice a week, depending on the need. Every month, we will have a committee meeting in which we expect all of the key stakeholders from either side to be present. We will be discussing the project’s progress. Apart from web meetings and calls, our team can be reached via emails, Slack, Jira, and Confluence.

    What project tools would you use? Who would bear the license cost?

    We prefer Jira and Confluence as we follow an Agile project management approach. You can onboard our project team if you already have a license. Else, you’ll have to buy one. We are fine if you prefer some other project management tools. We will be requiring access to servers, analytics, sample test accounts, and existing documentation if any.

    How do you address concerns & escalations?

    If you are not satisfied with the work done, the go-to person to report it would be your project manager. If you feel no immediate countermeasures are taken to fix the problems, you can reach out to your relationship manager. If your problem persists, you can directly report to the CEO of our company by emailing Our “escalation” to “completed sprint” metric is at less than 1.5%.

    How do the payment terms work?

    We will be sending invoices at the beginning of each month for the work done the month before. Our payment term is 15 days for both retainer and fixed-price projects. We prefer payment receipts via wire transfer.

    Ziffity’s expectations from its customers?

    We strongly believe that contribution and involvement from either side are important to ensure successful outcomes. We expect your full cooperation in communicating your needs, future goals, and other expectations. We want our customers to provide all the necessary documentation, if any, and provide us with key inputs required by our technical team.

    We expect our clients to provide enough time for the discovery and execution process to make sure the deliverables are of top quality. We provide our clients with a single dedicated point of contact to communicate and get their queries clarified faster. We want our clients to provide access to their servers to perform necessary load tests.

    If our clients are happy with our work, we would like them to spread the word about the quality of our services and also a video testimonial. It would be great if they could fill out our CSAT (customer satisfaction) survey and rate us on trusted websites like Clutch, Design Rush, and Good Firms.

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