BigCommerce Integration

Integrate third-party systems to your BigCommerce store

Connect any third-party system to your BigCommerce storefront. With BigCommerce’s integration capabilities, you can scale your enterprise eCommerce store across channels, easily add best-in-class functionality and streamline operations. Ziffity’s experts in BigCommerce integration can help you bring your eCommerce site to the next level. We can integrate your store with the world’s best marketplaces so that more customers can discover your brand. We can also integrate it with your internal systems, including your ERP, PIM, CRM and content management systems.

BigCommerce Integration Services

Let Ziffity take care of integration needs. We have the expertise and experience to plan, build and test all integrations before they go live, ensuring business continuity. We integrate systems like ERP, CRM, PIM, fulfillment, payment gateways, marketplaces, and more. Our comprehensive BigCommerce integration services include - identifying the right third-party system that can enhance your business, integrating it effectively and on time, and maintaining it on the go.

Ziffity’s BigCommerce Integration Services

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ERP Integration
  • Integrate your ERP with your BigCommerce Store
  • Ensure accurate & up-to date product detail page
  • Ensure real time update of product data, pricing information and inventory availability
CRM Integration
  • Integrate your CRM with your BigCommerce store
  • Enable customer orders and information management
  • Personalize marketing and post-sales support
Payment Integration
  • Integrate with trusted payment gateways & digital wallets(Amazon Pay, GPay, Apple Pay etc.)
  • Enable varied customer payment options
  • Enable robust security of customer payment process
PIM Integration
  • Integrate your PIM systems with your BigCommerce store
  • Help simplify catalog data management
  • Enable you to create workflows for internal teams to work collaboratively
  • Help achieve data consistency, and bring products to market faster
Marketplace Integration
  • Help build your marketplace presence (Amazon, Walmart etc.,)
  • Improve discoverability
  • Enable larger customer reach through marketplace integration
Shipment Integration
  • Integrate fulfillment systems with your BigCommerce Store
  • Fulfill orders faster and work seamlessly with delivery team
  • Enable better post-sale customer experiences
Marketing Automation Integration
  • Integrate your marketing automation platform with your BigCommerce store
  • Enable seamless customer acquisition, retention, and customer care initiatives
  • Provide technical support in dotdigital, HubSpot, and Marketo.

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Frequently asked questions

How much time will integration take?

The time taken to integrate a third-party system into BigCommerce depends on the system you choose. The data that needs to be transferred and the flow of the communication between your backend and the third-party system also determines the time. We synchronize your third-party systems with precision and perform multiple testing levels to ensure flawlessness.

Can we integrate ERP with BigCommerce?

Yes, we can integrate ERP systems with BigCommerce. It is compatible with some popular ERP systems like Brightpearl, Acumatica, Oracle Netsuite, and Microsoft Dynamics. If you are interested in integrating other ERP systems, we can get it done with the help of connectors built by third parties.

Which is the ERP system that works well with BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a SaaS platform that is highly accommodative towards third-party integration. It works well with all leading ERP systems. You can also go for the ERP your business is currently using. If you are thinking of alternatives, here’s a list of ERP systems you can consider - SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, NetSuite, and Epicor

Which is the CRM system that works well with BigCommerce?

BigCommerce achieves flexibility in third-party system integration through its API–driven architecture. Any CRM can be perfectly integrated with your BigCommerce integration through API calls. If you are looking for suggestions to change your existing CRM, here are a few good options available in the market - Salesforce, SAP, or Microsoft Dynamics.

How much will BigCommerce integration cost?

Integration cost for BigCommerce depends on the system you choose. It involves factors like the data that have to be synched and the direction of the data flow between your backend and the system. To get a better idea of the technicalities involved, you can avail free consultation from our experts. We will help you understand the process and the cost we do accordingly.

Can I integrate CMS (content management system) with BigCommerce?

Yes, you can. BigCommerce offers a content management system by default. If you are looking at other alternatives, you can use CMS like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. You can also go headless. BigCommerce is API and Microservices-based. It supports headless commerce better, unlike other platforms. You can either have a custom-built front or go for a CMS like WordPress.

Can we integrate BigCommerce with Marketplace websites?

Yes, you can integrate your BigCommerce store with Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, and more. We can get your BigCommerce store connected with other marketplace websites through plug-ins connectors built by third parties.

Can we integrate Marketing Automation tools with BigCommerce?

You can integrate BigCommerce with marketing automation tools like dotdigital, HubSpot and merchandising tools like Yotpo and Springbot. The capability for which you are integrating these tools doesn’t matter. Be it marketing automation, lead scoring, SEO, SEM, or email marketing. We can get your preferred marketing systems integrated into your BigCommerce store.

What if the 3rd party system has some issues while integrating?

If a third-party system is having issues, we first try to sort it out by communicating with the vendor to fix the issues prevailing so that your go-live isn’t delayed. Else we look for a workaround. If the third-party system is not stable, we build a middleware to fix issues, avoid dependency on the system and avoid a single point of failure.

What happens when you don't have experience working with specific ERPs/third-party systems?

It is not at all a problem. Most of the modern-day ERPs and those in the market for a long time are interoperable and flexible to be connected with any eCommerce backend. If you have issues connecting through APIs, we can work with the third-party system’s vendor to create a custom solution.

What if my ERP/3rd party APIs are not ready for go-live?

Integrating ERP or any third-party systems to your BigCommerce backend takes time. We prioritize the integration requirements involved in your project. Doing so ensures that we have enough time to test and certify APIs. We also include the API project time in our roadmap. If you don't have the in-house strength, Ziffity can form a separate team to work on your API project.

What happens when my ERP/3rd party system goes through an upgrade?

We plan for it ahead. We never leave room for a single point of failure. Even if your third-party systems have an upgrade, it won't affect your storefront and backend operations. We schedule such upgrades and also inform our clients in advance about the outages. This enables us to ensure there is no or very less impact on eCommerce. We also strive to complete the upgrades within the planned schedule.

How do you determine the timeframe and effort required for integration?

We determine the time required by considering three factors - The number of touchpoints, complexity level, and customization involved. We start your integration work alongside development which allows us to have enough time to handle challenges and test integrated systems all within the planned time.

What happens if, for some reason, integration fails among systems?

You don’t have to worry about that. We have a fallback mechanism to ensure that there is no single point of failure. This also prevents a single failure affecting other systems creating a cascading effect. All the stakeholders will be notified in the event of failures so that issues can be resolved with immediate countermeasures and solutions.

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