AWS Cloud Migration Services

Leverage the most reliable and secure cloud infrastructure.

Migrating to the cloud is essential for businesses to meet today's constantly shifting demand. Moving to the cloud can become a daunting task and one that is best done right the first time. This can be done through expert roadmaps and executions. Our AWS experts can guide you through the process, making specific recommendations based on your company’s unique needs.

AWS Cloud Migrationd Services

Why Migrate to AWS?

Migrating to the cloud provides you the keys to on-demand IT resources, which helps to innovate faster, manage security and reduce costs. Our AWS experts help move your existing data as well as virtual machines to the AWS infrastructure seamlessly and enhance your cloud experience through several tools.

Our AWS Migration Services

With an array of AWS cloud offerings, we can help you better manage your infrastructure. We will induce agility for your business transformation and deploy a digital ready environment for your applications.

Infrastructure Migration

Our AWS experts will analyze your existing cloud or on-prem infrastructure and build an optimized AWS cloud infrastructure, that becomes the foundation for scalability, security, availability, and agility.

Application Migration

Our application migration services include a host of services which comprises lift and shift of an application from On-prem to cloud to modernization/rearchitecting of applications to make it cloud ready. Ziffity follows the best practices of 7Rs (Retire, Retain, Rehost, Replatform, Replace, Refactor and Reenvision) for your cloud migration and modernization journey.

Database Migration

We provide professional services to migrate on-prem databases to the AWS cloud infrastructure securely, quickly and with zero downtime. We offer both heterogeneous and homogeneous migration services between different platforms like Oracle and MS SQL.

Ziffity’s Approach


  • Understanding of business goals
  • Decide on technology matrix
  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • ROI with cost benefit analysis


  • Resource consolidation
  • POC with strategy on scalability, security, availability, performance
  • Propose cloud solution architecture


  • Prioritizing resources
  • Seamless and fast migration to AWS
  • Monitor

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    Frequently asked questions

    Why migrate to AWS from on-premise infrastructure?

    Location: AWS is the global leader in the cloud computing market. They operate in 16 geographic locations with 5 more in the works. So wherever you are AWS has you covered.

    Flexible pricing: AWS follows pay only for what you use model. There is no need for advance payment.

    Scalable: Scaling up or down the cloud infrastructure can be done with ease. This helps a company to rapidly expand their infrastructure according to their needs.

    Multi region backups: The global presence of AWS allows you to backup your critical data in multiple geographic locations, which is important for BCP (business continuity plan).

    Security: AWS provides world class security and follows the compliance requirements of governing bodies like HIPAA.

    Migrating to AWS can help you overcome many on-premise infrastructure challenges.

    What if I am already with a cloud provider and want to move to AWS?

    We can assess your current cloud infrastructure via a discovery project, then come up with a migration plan which will include approach, benefits, price and schedule. If you decide to move ahead with us, we will form a team and execute the project based on mutually agreed SLAs.

    How much does it cost to migrate to AWS?

    That will depend on the size of your current infrastructure and future needs. We have a solid discovery process by which will identify all your current challenges and future business needs and provide a proposal for migration project. Please fill your details here and our experts will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

    How much time does it take to migrate my current infrastructure to AWS cloud?

    We have done migration projects ranging from 15 to 180 days of duration. It is usually proportionate to size and complexity of your current infrastructure, database, applications, middleware, security, network resources, business needs etc. Best way to gauge project timeline is to do a discovery project.

    What happens to all my existing integrations?

    During the migration project our experts will study each of these integration touchpoints and see how they will perform on AWS, some of them will work readily, some might need additional effort to make it work. We will work closely with your application team to test all your integration points before we do beta/alpha/production releases.

    Does Ziffity have experience in AWS migration work?

    We have been providing cloud solutions for last 8 years now, we have executed many cloud migration projects successfully. Our industry experience includes retail, fashion, electrical distribution, jewelry, health and safety, pharmaceutical, manufacturing among others.

    How much time overlap will there be between us?

    While most of the development team is based out of India, we do have relationship manager/solution specialists onshore. So from that sense, you do have full overlap. With respect to the technical team, you will have an overlap till 2 pm EST. In case of emergency, you can always reach out to the onshore team for help.

    During production releases, technical team will extend and be on standby and if you are signing the managed services post migration project, we will provide 24/7 support.

    How does the project communication happen?

    During the discovery phase, which is typically 2 to 4 weeks, we insist on having daily web meets. Post discovery, depending on the need, it would boil down to once or twice a week. And also, a monthly steering committee meeting, which would involve all senior stakeholders from both ends, to discuss progress and client satisfaction. Apart from calls, communication will happen via emails, Slack, Jira, and Confluence.

    How do you address concerns & escalations?

    Anytime you are not happy with us, you can escalate to your project manager, in the event you are not satisfied with the remedial measures taken, you can connect with your relationship manager. Our current “escalation” to “completed sprint” metric is at less than 1.5%.

    How does the payment terms work?

    Invoices will be raised at the beginning of each month for the preceding month’s effort. Both in the case of a retainer and fixed priced project, our standard payment term is net 15 days, and we prefer receipt of payment via wire transfer.

    What if I am not happy with the work done by Ziffity?

    We believe in de-risking our customers, and hence provide a one-month-performance-check-clause. During the first month of the engagement, if you are not happy with our work, communication or any part of the partnership, you are free to disengage with Ziffity, and you don’t have to pay us anything for the work done so far. In other words, we waive-off your liability to us.

    Ziffity’s expectation from its customers?

    The reason we call our engagement with our customers a partnership is because contributions from both parties are required to make it work. We want our customers to provide the needed time for the project in terms of meetings, inputs, required access to resources, and user acceptance tests.

    Ideally, a single-point-of-contact, so it is easier to coordinate things, maintain a less than 24 hours turnaround on queries, and provide access to required systems/servers. That’s pretty much it is. We’ll take care of the rest of the load.

    Of course, if the job is well done, we would request you to spread a word about Ziffity, and if you are not camera-shy, provide us a video testimonial.

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