AWS Cloud Managed Services

Get maximum performance and availability at reduced cloud costs.

Maximum cloud performance. Minimum costs. Optimize your AWS Cloud experience with Ziffity’s AWS Cloud Managed Services.

Though cloud computing comes with a number of advantages, it can also be challenging to get the most out of your AWS cloud infrastructure. It takes expertise and dedicated bandwidth to plan, design, implement and manage an AWS cloud infrastructure, and to ensure continual cost optimization.

How do you optimize your AWS cloud solution? With the right resources and policies, you can build strategies that deliver the best possible results. You need continuous management and optimization of the cloud environment - without investing your own time and resources into this task.

Ziffity is equipped to support you with tailored AWS Cloud Managed Services. Our AWS-certified consultants could take care of all the technical aspects of your AWS infrastructure. This enables you to focus on your core expertise, giving you the time to build your business and revenues.

AWS Cloud Managed Services

About Our Team

  • AWS-certified developers’ expertise
  • High-quality coding standards
  • Expert planning and proactive upgrades
  • Significant AWS client experience
  • 24x7 Continous monitoring

Our Offerings

As an AWS Cloud Managed Service Provider, Ziffity brings the expertise and the experience to manage your AWS infrastructure smoothly.

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Integrated Cloud Management
  • Infrastructure management (SRE)
  • CI/CD pipeline for infrastructure
  • User provisioning and life-cycle management
  • Backup and disaster recovery
  • Monitoring and reporting on dashboards
Application Management
  • Manage containerized applications/microservices
  • Manage application-level networking
  • Manage Kubernetes clusters
  • DevOps for applications
Cost Optimization
  • Estimate and forecast resource utilization
  • Cost categorization and governance
  • Rightsizing recommendations on EC2 instances
  • Storage recommendations on instance store, EBS, S3 and EFS
  • Recommendations on database and network services
  • Consultation on AWS savings plan and free tier
Security Management
  • Continuous monitoring and threat detection
  • Regular application updates and configuration checks
  • Managed virus and vulnerability scanning
  • DOS, DDOS attack protection
  • OS updates and security patch management
  • IAM, Firewall, VPN and DNS management
  • Compliance check, security audit and inspection
Licenses and Certificates
  • Software licensing assessment
  • AWS BYOL workspace management
  • provision, manage, and deploy public and private SSL/TLS certificates
  • Recommendations on custom certificate lifetimes
  • Recommendations on third-party certificates

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AWS Featured Services

Infra Management (SRE)

AWS CloudFormation,AWS CloudWatch,AWS CloudFront


AWS CodeBuild,AWS CodeCommit,AWS CodeDeploy,AWS Codepipeline

Container Management

Amazon Elastic Container service(ECS),Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service(EKS)


AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM),AWS shield standard,AWS shield advanced,AWS artifacts,AWS inspector,AWS guard duty

CI/CD pipeline

AWS CodeBuild,AWS CodeCommit,AWS CodeDeploy,AWS Codepipeline,AWS CloudWatch,AWS CloudTrail,AWS IAM,AWS Config


AWS License manager,Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts,AWS certificate manager

Backup and Disaster recovery

EBS snapshot - Incremental backup,S3 Glacier,S3 Glacier deep archive

Monitor & Report dashboards

AWS CloudWatch,AWS CloudTrail

Cost Optimization

AWS cost explorer,AWS Budget

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Frequently asked questions

What is AWS cloud managed service?

If you are already using AWS and looking for on-going support to manage, monitor and optimize your AWS cloud infrastructure then our managed services will be of help. Depending on the estimated workload, you can choose among 80, 160, or 320 hours packs.

How do you on-board new customers?

Usually, the transition happens from either the in-house team or another service provider. We start with a discovery/due-diligence phase, which typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks. We perform several audits during this phase, record, and submit the report to stakeholders. In the event you had a fallout with your last service provider, we try to self learn/reverse engineer what you have and move from there to a stable state and then on-going.

How does the pricing work?
Will unused hours be carried forward to the next month?

No, the hours mentioned in the pricing packs are minimum monthly hours that will be used for billing. Ziffity’s project manager will proactively communicate with you to ensure there are no unused hours. In the event you repeatedly end up with unused hours, you can talk to the relationship manager to downgrade your pack accordingly.

How does invoicing work?

Ziffity will raise the invoice at the beginning of each month for preceding month’s effort, between the timesheet and minimum monthly hours, whichever is higher will be billed. Our preferred mode for receiving payments is wire transfer, in case you wish to have some other mode, you can always inform your relationship manager or write an email to Our payment term is net 15 days.

What other AWS cloud services does Ziffity provide?

We provide end to end AWS cloud services which include consulting, migration, app modernization, managed services and DevOps. If you are just starting your cloud journey, consulting engagement is the right way to move forward.

Can you migrate our apps & data from on-prem / other cloud to AWS and then provide managed services?

Yes we can. We will start with a consulting engagement, give you a plan which will include approach, cost & schedule estimate for the migration project. And once the migration project is complete, we will move you to our managed services program. Essentially three separate engagements, Consulting, Migration Project and Managed Services.

Does your AWS Managed Services include managing applications?

Well there are varied types of applications designed and developed using different tech stack, we may not have expertise in all to manage them well. Nevertheless, we can help monitor them on your cloud infrastructure, setup required notification, performance benchmark, install security patches etc.

Will the Ziffity team interact with 3rd party service providers?

Yes, if you can white label us, provide appropriate access, we will collaborate with third party service providers to support the regular operations of your infrastructure. Effort spent on these will be part of the ticket and timesheet.

What if I am not happy with the work done by Ziffity?

We believe in de-risking our customers, and hence provide a one-month-performance-check-clause. During the first month of the engagement, if you are not happy with our work, communication or any part of the partnership, you are free to disengage with Ziffity, and you don’t have to pay us anything for the work done so far. In other words, we waive-off your liability to us.

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