AWS Cloud Managed Services

Get maximum performance and availability at reduced cloud costs.

Once you decide to move to the cloud, you will face challenges in managing services. Cloud solutions will require your constant attention, time and resources. This is where a cloud managed services provider can help you. Our AWS certified team can manage all your databases and infrastructure on AWS. You can concentrate on your business while we take care of your infrastructure.

AWS Cloud Managed Services

Benefits of AWS Cloud Managed Services

Better Agility

You can quickly react to market changes and your customers' needs. You can take necessary steps to ensure that any market change does not affect profitability and consistency.

Reduced Cost

AWS offers multiple plans and tools to manage your data. Through a cloud managed services provider you can choose the right plan and they will manage your infrastructure. This will give you significant cost reduction that can be used to reallocate spending to drive business growth.

Reducing Time Spend

With AWS managed services you do not need to manage infrastructure operations. The cloud managed services provider will ensure 100% availability. This gives you the freedom to focus more on your business.

Improved decision-making

There are a vast number of reports that are available from AWS that might be daunting to go through and make decisions. Having an AWS Cloud Managed Services provider will help you consolidate the most relevant data for your ready and improved decisions.

Our Offerings

Though cloud computing has a lot of advantages, planning, designing, implementing and managing an AWS cloud infrastructure can be challenging. It can be expensive if you lack skilled experts. We bring in the expertise and the experience to make sure your AWS infrastructure is managed smoothly.

AWS Support
  • AWS performance monitoring , maintenance and support
  • Manage OS updates & security patching
  • Firewall, VPN & DNS management
  • AWS Cloud Consulting Services
AWS Cost Optimization
  • Manage and optimize AWS implementations
  • Compiling of critical data
  • Cost optimization plan and implementation to reduce your cost
AWS Resource Control
  • Up-to-date visibility into your deployment
  • Accurate monitoring of applications
  • Timely configuration check
  • Timely updating applications
  • Managed virus and vulnerability scanning

Partner with our team of certified AWS experts to drive your business and achieve your goals.

Andrew Bouchard
Andrew Bouchard Senior Business Development Manager

Our AWS Expertise

  • Compute + Storage
    • Amazon EC2
    • Amazon Elastic Container Service
    • Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes
    • Amazon Elastic Beanstalk
    • AWS Lambda
    • Elastic Load Balancing
    • Amazon S3
    • Amazon EBS
    • Amazon EFS
    • Amazon Glacier
    • AWS Snowball
    • Amazon Aurora
    • Amazon RDS
    • Amazon DynamoDB
    • Amazon ElastiCache
    • AWS Database Migration Service
  • Cloud Security
    • AWS IAM
    • Amazon GuardDuty
    • AWS Certificate Manager
    • AWS WAF
  • Cloud Network
    • Amazon VPC
    • Amazon CloudFront
    • Amazon Route 53
    • Amazon API Gateway
    • AWS Direct Connect
  • Cloud Management
    • Amazon CloudWatch
    • AWS Auto Scaling
    • AWS CloudFormation
    • AWS CloudTrail
    • AWS Config
    • AWS Managed Services

Our AWS Cloud Customer Success Stories

Sustainable Supply – Cloud
Sustainable Supply – Cloud

0 downtime achieved while migrating to AWS                                                           

Tacori – Cloud
Tacori – Cloud

USA's sought after brand for handcrafted wedding and fine jewelry

what our Clients say

"Team has been proactively suggesting improvements and have been extremely responsive when emergency bugs need to fixed. It’s a pleasure to work with Ziffity."


"I have been working with Ziffity for about 4 months now and we have already corrected all our issues on the existing platform. Ziffity has been nothing short of excellent."



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    Frequently asked questions

    What is AWS cloud managed service?

    If you are already using AWS and looking for on-going support to manage, monitor and optimize your AWS cloud infrastructure then our managed services will be of help. Depending on the estimated workload, you can choose among 80, 160, or 320 hours packs.

    How do you on-board new customers?

    Usually, the transition happens from either the in-house team or another service provider. We start with a discovery/due-diligence phase, which typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks. We perform several audits during this phase, record, and submit the report to stakeholders. In the event you had a fallout with your last service provider, we try to self learn/reverse engineer what you have and move from there to a stable state and then on-going.

    How does the pricing work?
    Will unused hours be carried forward to the next month?

    No, the hours mentioned in the pricing packs are minimum monthly hours that will be used for billing. Ziffity’s project manager will proactively communicate with you to ensure there are no unused hours. In the event you repeatedly end up with unused hours, you can talk to the relationship manager to downgrade your pack accordingly.

    How does invoicing work?

    Ziffity will raise the invoice at the beginning of each month for preceding month’s effort, between the timesheet and minimum monthly hours, whichever is higher will be billed. Our preferred mode for receiving payments is wire transfer, in case you wish to have some other mode, you can always inform your relationship manager or write an email to Our payment term is net 15 days.

    What other AWS cloud services does Ziffity provide?

    We provide end to end AWS cloud services which include consulting, migration, app modernization, managed services and DevOps. If you are just starting your cloud journey, consulting engagement is the right way to move forward.

    Can you migrate our apps & data from on-prem / other cloud to AWS and then provide managed services?

    Yes we can. We will start with a consulting engagement, give you a plan which will include approach, cost & schedule estimate for the migration project. And once the migration project is complete, we will move you to our managed services program. Essentially three separate engagements, Consulting, Migration Project and Managed Services.

    Does your AWS Managed Services include managing applications?

    Well there are varied types of applications designed and developed using different tech stack, we may not have expertise in all to manage them well. Nevertheless, we can help monitor them on your cloud infrastructure, setup required notification, performance benchmark, install security patches etc.

    Will the Ziffity team interact with 3rd party service providers?

    Yes, if you can white label us, provide appropriate access, we will collaborate with third party service providers to support the regular operations of your infrastructure. Effort spent on these will be part of the ticket and timesheet.

    What if I am not happy with the work done by Ziffity?

    We believe in de-risking our customers, and hence provide a one-month-performance-check-clause. During the first month of the engagement, if you are not happy with our work, communication or any part of the partnership, you are free to disengage with Ziffity, and you don’t have to pay us anything for the work done so far. In other words, we waive-off your liability to us.

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