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Social media marketing doesn’t end with creating brand awareness but extends to consumer research and checkout as well. As an eCommerce brand, your social media strategy matters to your omnichannel approach, customer experience, and ROI. As social media marketing experts, we help you achieve it all.

Social Media Marketing Agency

Our Social Media Marketing team identifies the right social platforms based on the category of products your brand offers. Our analytics and insights-based social media marketing strategies (paid and organic) result in more than just creating a buzz around your brand. From earning conversions through social platforms, we help you offer customer support, organize loyalty programs and leverage user-generated content that improves your brand’s credibility.

Ziffity’s Social Media Marketing Services

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Our social media implementation services starts with setting up your presence on platforms representing your brand’s image. We perform regular social media posting, measure responses, and generate easily understandable reports to keep your traffic growing.

Social Media Marketing

Is your brand looking for immediate results? With highly targeted paid marketing campaigns, our team can get you the results in the intended time. From lead-gen campaigns to personalized retargeting campaigns, we can help you derive maximum ROI from your ad spend.

Content Strategy

We create copies that make your brand’s story unmistakably heard by your audience. We create monthly content calendars to ensure your audiences know everything you want them to know about your brand, like new product rollouts, holiday sales campaigns, etc.

Creative Design

We create visually appealing creatives that stop your audiences’ scroll. We come up with creatives like images, GIFs, infographics, motion graphics, videos, podcasts, etc., for your organic and paid social media campaigns to get the traction and desired results.

Social Media Strategy

Our digital marketing team has the right consultants to conceptualize, execute and manage campaigns on social media. We combine our marketing insights, content, and creative design skills to build the perfect launchpad for your brand.

Grow your consumer base faster on social platforms with our SMM experts.

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