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Search Engine Optimization is at the heart of every eCommerce brand. It’s essential (no longer optional), effective (gives the best results), and rewarding (unbeatable ROI). While SEO in eCommerce is hardly a new trend or concept, it is essential to focus on it to keep winning in the ever-competitive space.

As an eCommerce SEO agency, Ziffity provides on-page, off-page, and conversion rate optimization services. We evaluate your current organic visibility, understand your marketing maturity, keyword rankings, and future marketing goals.

Beginning with a thorough website audit, we perform competitor analysis and industry-specific keyword research. Our eCommerce SEO experts then identify the right platforms and devise tailor-made strategies to help you achieve customer engagement, customer retention, brand positioning, and ROI. We pay attention to every key metrics (conversions, sales, traffic, rankings) and all our strategies and results are data-driven to keep you on track with every progress made.

Our eCommerce SEO Services

On page SEO

Our on-page optimization services start with technical aspects like fixing site errors, URL structure, checking mobile responsiveness, redirects, and aligning your website structure to make it search engine friendly. We then combine our keyword research insights and content expertise to embed keywords that work for your business.

Off-page SEO

Go beyond your website’s boundaries to create quality backlinks that boost your store’s SEO strength. Our team of SEO experts builds backlinks from trusted websites appropriate to your business. Our off-page efforts include creating contents that are shareable with other websites and social platforms and guest content for other high-authority sites.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Unleash the full conversion potential of your current traffic. Hundreds of thousands of traffic mean nothing if it’s not converting. We can help you overcome this challenge by analyzing user interactions like heatmap, abandoned carts, wish lists, etc. We then identify opportunities and provide recommendations that boost your ROI.

Reports and Analytics

Effective eCommerce SEO campaigns need constant tracking. And when it comes to tracking, analytics is the name of the game. At Ziffity, we stay on track with real-time analytics and crunch them into meaningful reports and actionable insights that help you understand what’s going on and what should be done to keep winning.

Why Choose Ziffity for eCommerce SEO?

Multi-industry Experience

Our eCommerce SEO consultants and experts bring in their hands-on experience amassed by working for clients across various geographies and industries like – Automotive, health and beauty, publishing, electrical distribution, and so on. Our multi-industry experience has given us a clear understanding of challenges in niche eCommerce markets.

Scalable Campaigns

Trusting a new eCommerce SEO agency as your partner is not easy, and we know that well. With our scalable SEO campaigns approach, you can start small and ramp up on the go. We believe that this approach provides an opportunity to prove ourselves and also accommodate campaigns with stringent budgets.

Results-obsessed Team

We look at granular level details on how our SEO campaigns, strategies, and recommendations have worked for your brand. With our data-driven approach, we prepare detailed comparison reports highlighting your eCommerce store’s growth graph in terms of traffic, revenue, and other key metrics providing a clear idea of how your investment has yielded benefits.

Build an inbound conversion funnel that never stops yielding.

Our Platform-specific eCommerce SEO Services

Our Platform-specific eCommerce SEO Services

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Evaluate your eCommerce store to know your marketing maturity and what to do to outrun competition.

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