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Seamless container orchestration for enhanced developer productivity and accelerating time to market.

Our Kubernetes consulting services will help you to innovate faster by enabling seamless and fully orchestrated containerized workloads for your DevOps practices and CI/CD pipeline. We will enable improved developer productivity and accelerated time to market.

What is Kubernetes?

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes, also known as Kube or K8, is a Google developed open source platform that helps DevOps engineers automate multiple Linux container operations. It was built to mitigate the shortcomings of its predecessor, Borg. Kubernetes helps DevOps engineers run containers on clusters of physical or virtual machines. What makes Kubernetes better than its rivals is the ability to run clusters of applications inside multiple containers at the same time.

Advantages of Kubernetes

Kubernetes offers numerous benefits, including:

Faster product delivery

Faster product delivery

The continuous deployment and testing features provided by Kubernetes help you develop and deploy products faster.

Self Healing

Self Healing

Kubernetes has the ability to restart failed containers, as well as eliminate failed container nodes and replaces them with new ones.



This is an important feature of Kubernetes. You can deploy Kubernetes anywhere: on-premise, public cloud or even a hybrid infrastructure.

Storage Orchestration

Storage Orchestration

You can automatically mount the storage system of your choice, whether that’s a public cloud like AWS, or a network storage system, such as NFS, Ceph, Cinder, or Flocker and Kubernetes will synch with it to ensure your team’s work is safely stored.



You can easily scale Kubernetes to meet your requirements as they evolve over time. You can run multiple containers simultaneously. The automation and orchestration capabilities allow scaling without the intervention of the DevOps team.

Automatic roll-outs and roll-backs

Automatic roll-outs and roll-backs

When updates or changes are rolled out to your application and configuration, Kubernetes ensures that your application’s performance isn’t negatively effected. If an error occurs it automatically rolls-back the changes.

Master container orchestration to improve developer productivity.

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Our Services

Kubernetes Implementation

We will analyze your business processes, workloads and technology stacks in order to build a tailor made plan for your Kubernetes adoption. Our DevOps experts will help you avoid all the possible bottlenecks during implementation and secure 100% success.

Application Containerization

Transform your legacy applications by converting them to microservice-based architecture. As a Kubernetes service provider, Ziffity has extensive experience in offering container orchestration services to clients across the globe.

Kubernetes Support

We will continuously track and monitor your Kubernetes system to detect abnormalities or issues. Our team of experts will fix all the issues and errors before they can affect performance of your apps or software.

Kubernetes Advisory Service

We have an expert team of Kubernetes advisors who can provide you with both assistance and advice to get the most out of Kubernetes technology. We provide businesses with actionable insights on Kubernetes development and counsel them on how to get the Kubernetes adoption done in the right way.

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