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No organization can predict every potential disaster, which is why you need a plan for recovering your infrastructure in the event one occurs. A disaster recovery plan, buttressed with sound preventive measures, will minimize the damage to your infrastructure and get you back up and running as fast as possible.

If your DevOps projects or operations experience issues or operations failure, our certified and experienced disaster and project revival team has you covered. Some issues can be solved quickly via a one-day consultation with one of our experts. Others may require a quick takeover, still others a complete management of the custom software development.

DevOps Project Revival Services

Our DevOps Project Revival offer Development recovery and Operations recovery.

Development recovery

Our revival team will recover your software project at any stage of the development cycle. We offer options on how to rescue your project based on your requirements.

Project guidance and review

Project guidance and review

If your project has slowed down, or there are quality concerns, we can offer an independent review and assessment. Conversely, you may believe that nothing is amiss, but you still want a second opinion just to be sure. In such cases, Ziffity is happy to step in and review your project status and share our reports to give you peace of mind.

Project emergency

Project emergency

If your software project is heading towards disaster and you urgently need to prevent that from happening, our experts can lend a helping hand by deploying a dedicated specialist to guide your team. If the situation is more serious, we can provide an entire team to take over the project and bring it across the finish line.

Project disaster

Project disaster

Has your software project missed its deadline? Gone over budget? Is your development team stuck at any stage of the SDLC? Our recovery team can step in when you’re faced with an emergency, take over the development of the project, and deploy it in full working condition. Alternatively, our teams can rectify the problems and hand back the project to you for completion.

Operations recovery

Operations recovery, aka disaster recovery, seeks to ensure infrastructure can bounce back quickly after a downtime. Downtimes stem from may causes: hardware failures, uncontrolled outages, sabotage or the most common of all: fat fingers or accidental clicks. Our services include:

Disaster recovery consulting

Disaster recovery consulting

We will assess your infrastructure in order to provide solutions for prevention, as well as recovery plan in the event of a disaster.

Partner with a team that can cater to your DevOps requirements end-to-end.

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Key business benefits

Reduced risk

We recommend an approach that reduces project risk and is best suited to your needs. For example, we apply Agile methodology, when appropriate, to large-scale projects, which allows for an incremental approach to development and testing. This approach reduces business risk.

Accelerated delivery

We utilize Lean and DevOps principles, as well as extensive automation of repetitive tasks, to help deliver software faster. We also help you to prioritize your requirements based on business needs, and build self-managing teams. The combination of these tactics help you realize ROI faster.

Effective governance

Ziffity has developed a framework for governing Agile projects. It combines a range of industry-first concepts and best practices to improve the benefits, as well as extend the uses of DevOps and Agile delivery.

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