End to End DevOps Implementation

Fast track your business with end to end automation.

Through our state of the art DevOps implementation services, we help businesses automate and streamline the processes of cross functional teams. Developers, operations team, test engineers, and product managers are empowered by DevOps to collaborate closely for enhanced agility and transparency. Enterprises can cater to emerging market needs rapidly and efficiently by leveraging Continuous Integration(CI) and Continuous Deployment(CD).

Our DevOps Implementation Approach

Our DevOps Implementation Approach

To stay ahead of the competition, your approach to business operations would need a paradigm shift. As your DevOps partner we will assess your current practices, infrastructure and pipelines to choose the best tools for the transformation. We will help you focus on laying the foundation for the successful implementation of DevOps:

  • Initial assessment to check the need and suitability of DevOps for your business
  • Breaking of silos in the organization and practicing team collaboration
  • Architecting and selection of DevOps tools for build, integration and operations
  • Focus on end user satisfaction, ensuring continuous delivery and monitoring
  • Continuous review and feedback collection at every stage of the project

Our Offerings

Ziffity’s DevOps implementation services will help deliver your applications faster with DevOps methodologies and transform the way your operations and development teams work.

Release Management

Release Management

Automation of tasks and processes, hassle free operation of continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous testing and monitoring. We can help you

  • Control and manage code standards and guidelines
  • Identify the necessary tools
  • Control and manage versions of software across environments
  • Check customer service performance
CI/CD Pipeline Setup

CI/CD Pipeline Setup

Continuous integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) is all about meeting business requirements, making continuous code changes and ensuring security through automation followed by continuous deployment that releases software into production automatically. We can help you

  • Get started with CI/CD
  • Pick the right tools
  • Develop automation pipeline and move to future automation process
Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code

To stay ahead of the competition it is critical to implement IT infrastructure automation. This is possible through Infrastructure as Code where high level programming language can be used to code for deployment process and flexible provisioning. Further, infrastructure as code reduces the dependency on manual administrators and ensures quality control. We can help you

  • Integrate infrastructure as code through software
  • Move from traditional infrastructure to a modernized approach with codes
  • Minimize cost and reduce risk through automation

Partner with a team that can cater to your DevOps requirements end-to-end.

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Our DevOps Practices

Continuous Integration

Continuous integration (CI) in DevOps is the development practice where developers working independently integrate their code modifications into the main branch of code. CI uses automatic testing, which is triggered any time fresh code is committed, this ensures the code is still secure in the main branch.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery is making every segment of a larger code base release-ready so that an application need not be halted to bring minor changes into effect. So, rolling out frequent updates and running the operations smoothly without application breakdowns and downtimes becomes painless.

Infrastructure as Code

Continuous Delivery (CD), Continuous Integration (CI) in DevOps is possible because of Infrastructure as a Code, which is an approach to infrastructure management. This is possible by using scripts to set up the implementation environment (networks, virtual machines, etc.) to the appropriate configuration automatically.

Version Control Systems

A standard DevOps approach, Version Control System, is a method of breaking down coding tasks among software developers and saving all code versions for faster recovery when needed.

Microservices Architecture

Microservices architecture is a DevOps practice where a large application can be broken down as a series of small services. Each service functions in its own process and communicates with other services using a lightweight framework or suitable programming languages.

Continuous Monitoring

By continuously monitoring every aspect of the application, it helps to identify areas that might need fine tuning for better performance, security threats and also find out opportunities for automation in the development process for improving productivity.

Our DevOps Implementation Process

  • Discovery


    Our experts from the DevOps team analyze the organization’s vision, portfolio, comprehensive details about IT framework, etc.

  • Design


    Here the DevOps team ideate, define and identify the features required for the application.

  • Develop


    We will build the application which involves coding, testing, reviewing and integration of code which could be deployed in various environments.

  • Deploy


    We will deliver/ deploy the application to the production environments. It also involves deployment and configuration of infrastructure to host the environments.

  • Monitor


    Here the application is operational and our team will monitor continuously, troubleshoot and maintain the application in the production environment.

DevOps Tools

  • All
  • Cloud Service
  • Continuous Integrations
  • Code Management
  • Caching
  • Configuration Management
  • Containerization
  • Testing
  • Monitoring
Team City
Circle CI
Travis CI

Our Clients

what our Clients say

Partner with Ziffity for

  • Multi-industry experience in B2B, B2C and D2C
  • DevOps and Agile development approach
  • End-to-end Digital Solutions
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Certified experts and developers
  • High-quality deliverables

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