Business Intelligence and Visualization

Unveiling the finest details of your data to enable better decisions.

Turn your organization 100% data-driven with Business Intelligence and Data Visualization. Empower your workforce with insights they never had before to improve efficiency and productivity.

Business Intelligence can extract knowledge from several customer touchpoints and data exchanges between distributed systems and turn them into insights that can be easily accessed and shared across teams for faster responses.

Ziffity’s BI and visualization experts can shoulder the responsibility of integrating BI systems into your business and simplify its consumption for everyone, from executives to decision-makers. Ziffity works with industry-standard BI tools to help you make sense of the accumulated data, mainly through visualizations, such as user-friendly reports and dashboards.

Ziffity’s Business Intelligence services

BI solutions tailored to your business needs.

BI Consulting

Our consulting services start by analyzing your IT and business infrastructures and identifying opportunities that can be improved through business intelligence. We then build a clear roadmap to implement BI systems into your workflows.

BI Implementation

Our Business Intelligence experts have hands-on experience in implementing industry-leading and most preferred BI systems like Adobe BI and Microsoft Power BI. We help you configure these systems to work on any complex system to extract crucial insights that add value to your business.

Data Visualization

By implementing data visualization solutions, we turn heaps of information into easily-understandable metrics that drive your next move. Through interactive dashboards, you can compare and analyze importance metrics from a bird’s-eye-view for clear decision-making.

Predictive Analytics

Leveraging data science, we enable your business to see what’s already there and what’s coming up. Through Predictive Analytics, we help you realize trends earlier, predict user behavior, personalize experiences, improve operational efficiency, enhance products, and so on.

Empower your business with data-driven decisions.

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