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Launching a new eCommerce store for your B2C or B2B enterprise business? Considering replatforming an existing one? BigCommerce is an excellent choice. Intuitive, easy to use, and full of robust out-of-the-box functionality, BigCommerce will ensure you’re up and running quickly. Ziffity, as your BigCommerce development services partner, can configure your store to provide digital experiences that your customers prefer and simplify backend operations.

BigCommerce Development Company

As an official BigCommerce partner, Ziffity provides high-quality and comprehensive BigCommerce development services. Our core team consists of experienced developers, UI experts, designers, and project managers who can perfectly orchestrate your BigCommerce web development initiative from start to finish. As our team keeps up to date on the latest improvements on the platform, we provide Bigcommerce development solutions that are in accordance with industry best practices and high coding standards.

BigCommerce Development Services

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BigCommerce Web Development
  • Build your store faster with SaaS
  • Configure the platform to suit your needs
  • Custom theme development
  • Integrate with global marketplaces
  • Integrate with social channels
BigCommerce Customization
  • Leverage microservices-based architecture
  • Build storefront experiences that customers demand
  • Add more functionalities like ‘Advanced filters’
  • Communicate through APIs
BigCommerce Apps Development
  • Customize existing apps
  • Build new BigCommerce apps
  • Integrate marketplaces and apps
  • Establish seamless communication using APIs
  • Publish apps on BigCommerce app store
B2B BigCommerce Store Development
  • Simplify complex workflows
  • Manage tiered pricing
  • Quotes management
  • Detailed product information
  • Tax calculations
  • Inventory and order management
B2C BigCommerce Store Development
  • Unify online and offline stores
  • Integrate commerce and marketing efforts
  • Deliver personalized storefront experiences
  • Manage marketing across web and social media
  • Control operations across all sales channels
Headless Commerce
  • Cross-platform integration and UI/UX design
  • Creative storefront experiences
  • Showcase content with full control
  • Improve site search for better conversions
  • Become content-rich and experience-driven
  • Leverage GraphQL
BigCommerce UI Development
  • Conversion-centric theme customization
  • Intuitive UI elements for user engagement
  • Responsive and fluidic design
  • Third-party CMS integration
  • Mobile optimization
BigCommerce Theme Development
  • Custom BigCommerce theme development
  • Pre-designed theme customization
  • CMS theme customization
  • Storefront layout customization

Partner with our team of experienced developers for your BigCommerce store development.

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US Electrical – eCommerce
US Electrical – eCommerce

< 3 seconds loading time for a B2B2C eCommerce store

Dynojet – eCommerce
Dynojet – eCommerce

100% increase in revenue within 3 months of launch

Fox Chapel – eCommerce
Fox Chapel – eCommerce

35% increase in revenue migrating from Magento 1 to 2

AAO – eCommerce
AAO – eCommerce

15% faster checkout achieved through migration

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Frequently asked questions

Why choose BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a platform that offers the SaaS advantage to launch your eCommerce store quickly. It has all the tools necessary to get started with a fully functional store. BigCommerce offers customizability through APIs. The platform provides inventory, order management, analytics, content management system and more.

GraphQL Storefront API makes it possible to query storefront data from within a Stencil theme, or from external websites or applications in a headless shopper experience. Stencil is BigCommerce's current theme platform that incorporates the latest best practices in technology, design standards, conversion, and SEO. We can build an app on PHP, React, Node, NextJS.

What is Ziffity’s approach to BigCommerce implementation?

Our BigCommerce implementation services start with understanding your existing eCommerce maturity and short and long-term goals. We do this through our 5C workshop - one each for Commerce, Content, Channel, Customer (marketing), and Creatives. We then follow a phased–approach and create a detailed roadmap for your store implementation. We have a dedicated point of contact to keep you informed about the developments. Once the site is live, we also provide BigCommerce website maintenance.

What if I have not decided on BigCommerce implementation?

For you to get a better idea and make an informed decision, our BigCommerce experts can provide a detailed demo of the platform. We can also provide a comparative study that highlights the unique and advantageous aspects of BigCommerce over other platforms you are considering.

How long will Ziffity take to implement your BigCommerce store?

The time taken for implementation varies based on the features and functionalities you need in your store. If you are going for the essential eCommerce features, BigCommerce implementation takes 3 to 4 weeks. The implementation time will differ if you have any customizations or want to integrate third-party systems.

How does the engagement model work?

We suggest the engagement model based on the complexity of the BigCommerce development services project. We provide clarity over the complexities involved while determining the project scope. We can go for a retainer deal if your project involves complex customizations and integration requirements. A retainer model involves a dedicated team of experts, and billing happens on a monthly basis. For simple projects, we suggest a fixed-price engagement.

Is professional implementation necessary for BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is a SaaS platform that makes it easy to build your eCommerce store. However, configuring the platform to suit specific requirements requires in-depth knowledge. Our developers have years of implementation experience to leverage the platform’s features to the fullest. We also follow the best practices to ensure quality.

How much does it cost to implement BigCommerce?

Various factors determine the cost of building your eCommerce store on BigCommerce. Your eCommerce feature requirements, backend features for operations, frontend features for storefront experience, and other third-party system integration will be taken into consideration to determine your cost for BigCommerce implementation. Our experts can help you determine the budget.

How much time overlap will there be between us?

Our BigCommerce implementation team is based out of India. We provide a relationship manager/solution specialist onshore. With the technical team, there will be an overlap till 2 pm EST. Our onshore team will always be available to help you with any emergency queries.

How do Ziffity’s payment terms work?

We will generate invoices at the beginning of each month for the work done the preceding month. Our payment term for a retainer and fixed-price project contract is 15 days. We accept payment receipts via wire transfer.

How will Ziffity communicate project status and update your team?

We will be communicating daily during our discovery phase, which lasts 2 to 4 weeks. Post discovery, if needed, we will schedule virtual calls or meetings once or twice a week. Apart from these, we will schedule a monthly steering committee meeting. It involves all the major stakeholders from either side. We will discuss the progress, upcoming project development, and your feedback on the work done till then. Besides calls and virtual meetings, we communicate with our clients via Slack, Jira, and Confluence.

How about an onsite creative workshop?

Yes, we are up for an onsite creative workshop. Our default pricing is for web-meeting-based workshops. If you wish for an in-person workshop, we will be including the cost factors for local resources, travel, and accommodation in our proposal.

How does Ziffity address any concerns or escalations?

We have a highly responsive team to handle the concerns and escalations you’d like to report. You can send us your escalations to the project manager assigned to your account. If you are unhappy with the remedial measures, you can contact our relationship manager. Even then, if you are unsatisfied, you can report to our CEO by emailing

Can I change my scope of work in a fixed-price engagement?

Yes, you can. We have a flexible approach to BigCommerce web development. You can change your scope of work to a certain extent. If there are more changes or if it results in an extension of implementation time, we raise a ‘change request’. Our BigCommerce website development team will inform you in advance about the additional costs that could be included.

What are Ziffity's expectations from its customers?

Partnerships are the bedrock of strong and healthy long-term business relationships. We consider our engagement with our clients as a 'partnership' as we believe a project involves contributions from both parties for successful outcomes.

We expect our customers to provide us with the requirements for the project, like presence in discovery phase meetings, inputs, content, and time for user acceptance tests.

We provide a single point of contact with whom you can communicate all your queries and receive updates within a 24-hours turnaround time. We provide access to the systems and servers.

If you are satisfied with the work done by team Ziffity, we request you to spread the word about it. If you don’t mind speaking up before a camera, a video testimonial on our work would be much appreciated.

What’s the advantage of working with a BigCommerce partner?

Working with a BigCommerce partner agency means you are working with a team that knows the platform well. As we are official partners, making the platform work well for your business is our responsibility. Our BigCommerce developers have first-hand access to the latest improvements in the platform and follow the best practices and coding standards that result in flawless outcomes. Our regular training and hands-on implementation practice enable us to devise smart and futuristic solutions like headless commerce, customization, integration, and so on. We also provide BigCommerce website maintenance services.

How good is BigCommerce in terms of support?

Customer support is one of the promises packaged along with all BigCommerce plans. The platform provides support through a highly responsive customer happiness team. You can clear doubts about the platform, configuration, and so on. Regarding building custom features or tweaking the platform, the official team will refer you to one of the official BigCommerce web design company partners (like us) to help you get started.

What’s Ziffity’s BigCommerce development services team look like?

We provide dedicated teams for every BigCommerce development services project we handle. The team consists of developers, UI experts, business analysts, and a project lead.

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