Magento Open Source versus Magento Commerce – A guide for growing businesses to make the right decision

$0 / month Vs $1,988 / month – A massively deceiving aspect when it comes to choosing between the free and the premium version of Magento.

Magento Open Source (formerly Community) would probably be the eyeball-grabbing choice for many for its $0 price tag. While it may look like huge savings at the beginning, a growing business has to pay up for a lot of capital and operational expenses on the go.

If you decide to move to Magento Commerce by then, the migration cost would also add up. So, it is better to determine which suits you the best considering your future growth and expansion plans. We wrote this guide to help you make that decision.

Magento Open Source Vs Commerce Comparison Based On :

  • tick Cost
  • tick Time to Market
  • tick Scalability
  • tick Security
  • tick Omnichannel presence
  • tick Marketing
  • tick Hosting

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