Magento open source versus Magento commerce – a guide for growing businesses to make the right decision

$0 / month Vs $1,988 / month – A massively deceiving aspect when it comes to choosing between the free and the premium version of Magento.

Magento Open Source (formerly Community) would probably be the eyeball-grabbing choice for many for its $0 price tag. While it may look like huge savings at the beginning, a growing business has to pay up for a lot of capital and operational expenses on the go.

If you decide to move to Magento Commerce by then, the migration cost would also add up. So, it is better to determine which suits you the best considering your future growth and expansion plans. We wrote this guide to help you make that decision.

Magento Open Source Vs Commerce Comparison :

  • Cost
  • Time to Market
  • Scalability
  • Security
  • Omnichannel presence
  • Marketing
  • Hosting

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    Is your eCommerce store ready for the surge?

    eCommerce has always been a bright spot in the world’s economy, capable of growing alongside consumers who demand freedom, options, and flexibility. Ten years ago, eCommerce accounted for a mere 5.1% of all retail purchases.

    Since then, it has tripled, grabbing 16% of all retail purchases. Not surprisingly, global eCommerce has accelerated in 2020, driven in large part by necessity, as consumers worldwide were advised to stay home to stay healthy. According to Adobe’s Digital Economy Index, U.S. e-commerce jumped 49% in April 2020 alone. In fact, many online retailers said they saw Black Friday-like in Q2 and Q3.

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    eCommerce platform choice

    Whether you're considering launching a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand for the first time, expanding your physical store online, or replatforming to Magento, selecting the right eCommerce platform is a critical decision you'll need to make.

    We wrote this guide to help you make that decision. Because we know from our experience that the choice you make today will have far-reaching and long-term consequences on your business. It'll also determine how effectively you can meet the demands of your customers. So we want to help you make the right one.

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    Platform Overviews

    Magento Open Source is an open-source eCommerce platform that offers a suite of features eCommerce managers need to build and grow a unique online store from the ground up. It gets a lot of attention from new businesses for a compelling reason: it’s free.

    While it’s difficult to beat that price, it may not be the best solution for businesses that will need an all-in-one cloud solution that is optimized for Magento, easy to deploy, provides enhanced security, and is packed with additional integrated capabilities to accelerate sales. For that, Magento Commerce may be for you. Magento Commerce is a fully-featured eCommerce platform available via on-premise or in the cloud. In our experience, Magento Commerce is essential for businesses that want to create unique and engaging shopping experiences.

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    While considering a platform for your eCommerce initiatives, many would have suggested Magento. When you ask them, “which version to choose?” you’ve no doubt heard a myriad of responses like Magento Open Source (Community), Magento Commerce, and Magento Commerce Cloud. This eBook can provide the clarity you need.


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