Magento Commerce Vs. Shopify Plus – Who wins the ‘Best platform’ title for DTC eCommerce

As a newbie in the eCommerce space, you must have established your direct-to-consumer (D2C) digital storefront on free or open-source eCommerce platforms. But that’s then.

With growth, your need for scale, improving customer convenience, adding do-it-yourself (DIY) services, expanding, and personalizing across channels grows along.

Even if you have started just now, this could be the case in just a year or two. So, it is better to start considering eCommerce platforms that you can migrate to gear up for the foreseeable future.

For many, Magento Commerce and Shopify Plus could be in the contenders’ list. If you need a clear idea of which one to choose among these, you’ve landed in the right spot.

The goal of this eBook is to help you evaluate both platforms. Begin your journey of upgrading to a more robust platform that enables continuous growth.

Compare Magento Commerce and Shopify Plus based on :

  • tick Cost
  • tick Transaction Fees
  • tick Time to Market
  • tick Scalability
  • tick Global Expansion
  • tick Security
  • tick Hosting
  • tick Marketing

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