Magento Commerce – The DTC eCommerce Launchpad for Manufacturers

Direct-to-Consumer (DTC/D2C) eCommerce is the way forward for manufacturers!

Forrester predicts that online spending by “DTC enthusiasts” will increase by 18% year over year. Over 400 DTC firms are now in operation, including world-renowned manufacturing brands like NIKE.

But wait, launching your brand in the DTC eCommerce space requires meticulous planning to ensure success.

Our latest eBook ‘The Manufacturers’ Playbook for D2C eCommerce’ uncovers technical and strategical nuances at a granular level to help you start planning your DTC roadmap.

Our eBook highlights :

  • tick Difference between D2C and B2C
  • tick Benefits of Direct-to-consumer eCommerce
  • tick Challenges involved in launching your DTC store
  • tick Hybrid eCommerce Models that support DTC
  • tick How to do DTC the right way

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