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Tailor-made digital marketing strategies for steadfast growth.

Put your brand at the forefront of every customer touchpoint with a proper digital marketing strategy in place. You've done your organization's digital transformation and built your digital presence. What's next? Getting the word out and placing your business where your customers thrive is how you ultimately evaluate your efforts.

Yes, Digital Marketing is a continuous process, but it gives results that benefit your business in various ways like less customer acquisition cost, brand recognition, faster conversions, and brand loyalty.

As your digital marketing partners, we first focus on building the right strategy. Our years of experience, proven track record, phased consulting approach, and detailed market study enable us to render you the perfect digital marketing strategy your business needs today and tomorrow.

Ziffity’s digital marketing consulting services

Get the right digital marketing guidance your business needs.


Revenue Optimization

Share data across teams to improve your overall marketing efforts. Our revenue optimization services combine data from sales, customer support, and marketing teams to optimize marketing messaging, product pricing, retargeting campaigns, and loyalty programs to maximize ROI.

Go-to-market Strategy

Springboard your brand into the digital space with the right go-to-market strategy. From launching a new brand to bringing new products and services into the market, we set the right tone to create awareness, expectation, and demand among your target audience.

Marketing Plan Development

Build a marketing funnel that always performs. Our experts conduct stakeholder meetings to realize your short and long-term marketing goals. We then audit your current campaigns, conduct market and competitor research, identify keywords, segment your buyer personas, and determine the budget and scope for your campaigns.

Research - Brand Positioning

Enable your target audience to identify, trust, and communicate with your brand. We analyze your brand’s current position in the market and devise web and social media strategies to position your brand as a thought leader to your audience, creating a strong connection that stays long.

Customer Journey Mapping

Engage your customers with the right content to yield maximum conversions. We segment your audience and narrow them down into buyer personas. We then create content addressing your target audiences’ questions across the three major phases of the customer journey - Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

Omnichannel Marketing

Unify your marketing efforts to sell across all your digital sales channels. We move your brand from siloed marketing to a cross-connected marketing strategy that connects multiple sales channels. The sharing of intelligence gathered across every touchpoint improves engagement and conversions across all channels.

Marketing Audits

Bring the best out of your organic and paid marketing efforts. We help you determine the effectiveness and impact of your strategies through constant reporting. Examining the analytical data, we provide actionable insights that help identify mistakes, reduce spending, and re-strategize campaigns for better results.

Martech Recommendation

Leverage the latest marketing tools to create, execute, and manage campaigns effectively. We analyze your marketing goals and channels where your audience thrives to pick the right tech stack for you. Our martech recommendations include marketing automation, email automation, and advanced analytical systems.

Build the marketing strategy that works for your business.

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