Adobe Inc has been hitting the eCommerce headlines time and again in the recent past. This time, the company has made it to the top stories because of its partnership with Bolt, a San-Francisco-based startup.

The partnership will enable Adobe Inc to add the one-step checkout feature for Adobe’s eCommerce platform users.

Adobe, known for its software tools like photoshop and comprehensive content management systems like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), probed into the eCommerce landscape through its acquisition of Magento.

Since the acquisition, Adobe has been adding features to its commerce platforms through its partnering-spree and sharing in-house capabilities.

Adobe’s recent partnerships and features

Adobe Payment Services – Adobe Payments is a recent capability that Adobe added to Magento’s free (Magento Open Source) and premium (Adobe Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud) users alike. With the payment gateway, merchants need not depend on third-party payment service providers and benefit from heightened security and seamless integration with other features in the Magento ecosystem. You can check out the other merchant benefits of Adobe Payment Services in our blog.

Adobe Sensei – Adobe Sensei is an AI-powered product recommendation engine that Adobe has provided for its eCommerce platform users. The recommendation engine leverages data from the users’ digital interactions with your website like search history, purchase history, wish lists, etc., to suggest products that users are more likely to buy.

FedEx – Adobe partnered with FedEx to offer benefits like two-day shipping, easy returns, seamless checkout for users. Merchants can also gain access to intelligence on post-purchase logistics to understand demand and be proactive.

Now, let’s route back to the ‘one-click’ checkout feature. The partnership with Bolt is also a move to gear up Magento to take on its competitors like Shopify. Shopify provides its own one-step checkout, ShopPay. However, Amazon was the first to come up with the one-step checkout feature for its users and also went on to own the trademark “1-Click” which later expired.

How does ‘1-click’ payment benefit merchants?

As per the partnership with Bolt, Adobe’s customers can integrate the one-click feature into their checkout page. The feature can auto-populate the payment and contact details for users already using it, enabling a faster checkout experience and reducing cart abandonment.

Should merchants have to pay a transaction fee?

Bolt charges a transaction fee when it facilitates a merchant to complete a transaction. We currently don’t have clarity on it as both Adobe and Bolt have said the financial details are still in discussion.

Will merchants have to use the Adobe Payment Gateway to avail this checkout feature?

No. Using Adobe Payment services is not mandatory. Merchants can continue using their preferred payment gateways.

Final words

With the partnership for providing one-click checkout, Adobe has added another integrated feature missing for so long. While Adobe Payment solutions are already available for merchants in the U.S, other features could be made available from version 2.4.3 or subsequent upgrades. Adobe has more such improvements lined up. Keep watching the space for the updates.

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