Reimagine content personalization with Adobe experience manager

86% of buyers are willing to pay more for excellent customer experience – PWC.

Customers have plenty of choices to shop. As an eCommerce retailer, losing customers to your competition could prove costly. Delivering amazing customer experience can help in differentiating your brand and gain a significant competitive advantage.

With the help of Adobe Experience Manager, reimagine the way you deliver content across every customer touchpoint.

This eBook explains how AEM’s advanced features can enable brands to personalize and deliver content that derives desired user actions.

Included :

  • Customers' Expectations on Personalization
  • How to Assess Your Site's Customer Experiences
  • Requirements for Customer Delight
  • Leveraging AEM for Amazing Customer Experiences

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    Customers want to be amazed

    Shopping is one of America’s favorite pastimes. We head downtown to the shops or online to check out what’s new, expand our horizons, or to pass our time pleasantly. When a brand experience wows us, we are likely to return over and over again to the merchant that provided it. In a world where customers have plenty of choices as to where they shop.

    That amazing customer experience becomes a significant competitive advantage.

    Everyone has an idea of what they consider an exceptional customer experience. As a retailer, you need to quantify it so that you can deliver it to every visitor. So what is a great customer experience exactly? What does it look and feel like? How do you know if your site delivers it?

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    How to assess your site's customer experience?

    The first step of delivering amazing customer experiences is to assess how well you are doing currently. Without a doubt, many of your customers are delighted with their experiences, while many see room for improvement. By looking at each carefully, you'll be in a position to assess your overall customer experience.

    Identify your optimal customer journey - Begin by analyzing your best customers from multiple angles: average order value, lifetime value, likelihood to recommend, category of products purchased, frequency of purchases, loyalty sign up, or whichever metrics are appropriate for your business goals. Then do a deep dive into each segment's behavior.

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    Customer centricity

    When customers take the time to make a purchase, build a wishlist, set preferences, sign up for your loyalty program, or disclose any information about them, they assume those preferences will be reflected across every touchpoint. There’s nothing more frustrating than being asked to enter a shipping address or loyalty number at every touchpoint.

    Customer centricity also applies to campaigns. If you email a customer segment with a specific promotion, make sure they can redeem it in any channel, whether that’s your website, SMS channel, or social media page.

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    86% of buyers are willing to pay more for an excellent customer experience – PWC. Among the plenty of choices that consumers have, what could be the winning formula for your eCommerce store to outrun competition? “Customer Experience.” Learn how AEM can enable your store to turn customer experience into its key competitive advantage.


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