Know the reasons behind choosing Magento among various eCommerce platforms

Magento happens to be user-friendly, scalable, and secure, among others. It can act as an ecosystem by itself because it has the Business Intelligence, Content management system, Cloud infrastructure, and 24/7 Support as part of its eCommerce platform. Magento has different versions that cater to all kinds of businesses, including B2B and B2C enterprises and SMBs. This eBook highlights why Magento is one of the best platforms.

Included :

  • tick Magento History & Milestones
  • tick Magento – Leading Cloud Commerce Platform
  • tick Magento – Leading Suite for Commerce
  • tick Magento – Providing Full Cloud Capabilities
  • tick Magento – Partnerships & Acquisitions
  • tick Magento – Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant

By the end of reading the eBook, you’ll understand that Magento 2 has more benefits than it meets the eye.

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