Know the reasons behind choosing Magento among various eCommerce platforms

Magento happens to be user-friendly, scalable, and secure, among others. It can act as an ecosystem by itself because it has the Business Intelligence, Content management system, Cloud infrastructure, and 24/7 Support as part of its eCommerce platform. Magento has different versions that cater to all kinds of businesses, including B2B and B2C enterprises and SMBs. This eBook highlights why Magento is one of the best platforms.

By the end of reading the eBook, you’ll understand that Magento 2 has more benefits than it meets the eye.

Included :

  • Magento History & Milestones
  • Magento - Leading Cloud Commerce Platform
  • Magento - Leading Suite for Commerce
  • Magento - Providing Full Cloud Capabilities
  • Magento - Partnerships & Acquisitions
  • Magento - Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant

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    There are many eCommerce platforms for organizations to choose from. Magento happens to be user-friendly, scalable, and secure, among others. Magento Open Source is available for small to medium businesses, and Magento Commerce is for enterprise businesses.

    Magento has many features that help eCommerce challenges from the word go, such as performance management tools (New Relic, Enterprise, APM Pro), Business Intelligence for Magento Analytics, Cloud infrastructure (Amazon Web Services or AWS) and 24/7 Support as part of its eCommerce platform package.

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    Delivering Consistency in Customer Touchpoints

    Magento can deliver a tailor-made and consistent user experience in every customer touchpoint, including online stores, mobile, retail stores, marketplace, social media channels, and call centers.

    Customer experience is of paramount importance in the online buyer’s journey, and it can make or break a brand.

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    Achieving Seamless Order Fulfillment

    Order fulfillment is one of the challenging and crucial aspects that ensures eCommerce success. Magento ensures seamless order fulfillment in various stages of online purchase, such as warehouses, store networks, distribution centers, and marketplaces.

    Cloud Capabilities - Cloud is a ‘must-have’ solution for flexibility, security, and scalability from an eCommerce perspective. Magento Commerce Cloud has advanced performance enhancement tools that not only increase site speed but also deliver scalability to handle surges in site traffic.

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    Magento is one of the most sought after and rapidly evolving eCommerce platforms. The platform has evolved leaps and bounds over the years. If you have just started your research on Magento, this eBook can bring to your table details on the platform's history, milestones, features, cloud capabilities, and more.


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