How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) reshaping eCommerce?

Do you believe AI could turn your business future-proof? Many do.

One in ten enterprises use ten or more AI applications and 69% of companies say AI & ML is transforming their business – Forbes.

AI adoption might seem a bit early or far-fetching for businesses but the actual fact is that many retailers are already into the AI bandwagon.

However, it is hard for brands to adapt to AI unless they have a clear idea of its real-world applications. This eBook discusses the necessity and benefits of AI in eCommerce to help you decide on where the technology can prove useful for your business.

Included :

  • tick The Current AI Scene
  • tick Bigwigs using AI
  • tick How AI is Reshaping eCommerce?
  • tick Visual Recommendation Engines
  • tick Conversational Commerce
  • tick Warehouse and Delivery Automation
  • tick Omni-channel Marketing
  • tick Handling Fake Reviews

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