How can Health and Beauty retailers prepare for the change in consumer behavior?

Online sales of prestige beauty products are on the rise, capturing an astounding 90% of total beauty spend – Women’s Wear Daily.

Health, wellness, and beauty products are important to consumers; hence the sales growth hasn’t wavered much even during challenging times. However, behavioral changes have happened thick and fast, forcing retailers to spruce up their eCommerce approaches, to live up to the new-gen expectations.

This ebook offers 7 strategies to help brands take on changing customer behavior during challenging times and beyond.

Included :

  • Offer Guided Selling
  • Create Engaging Customer Experiences
  • Launch and Optimize Customer Loyalty Programs
  • Help Customers Stock Up with Product Bundles
  • Create Content to Promote Product Discovery
  • Use Social Proofing to Instill Consumer Trust
  • Give Your eCommerce Site Room to Grow

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    Health and Beauty Shopping Behavior

    Ecommerce has always been a growth opportunity for health, wellness, and beauty brands. Online sales were booming, poised to top $85.5 billion in revenue by 2022, according to eMarketer projections. No matter how challenging the time is, health and beauty eCommerce brands have seen a significant increase in sales as customers are considering these products as essential needs for survival and day-to-day wellness.

    Women’s Wear Daily reported that online sales of prestige beauty products were on the rise, capturing an astounding 90% of total beauty spend. The wellness category is equally benefiting. Online sales of soap and hand sanitizer are up 262%, allergy medicine 232%, body washes 194%, and vitamins 166%.

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    Offer Guided Selling

    The in-store sales clerk plays a vital role in helping consumers select products that are deeply personal to them. They can ask about skin types, ailments, solutions that have worked best for the consumer in the past and recommend products based on that input. As a result of those interactions, consumers have high degrees of confidence in those recommendations.

    Online guided selling can replicate those in-store interactions on your site and is especially important for sites that have large product catalogs. Decision fatigue can prompt consumers to leave your website in search of one that makes it easier for them to make the right product choices.

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    Engaging Customer Experience

    You work hard to attract customers to your site, and you need those investments to pay off. The best way to do that? Personalize every customer’s website experience with relevant and engaging content, products and offers based on their current and past shopping and browsing behaviors and interests. For instance, you can remind current visitors who purchased seasonal allergy medicine last month that it’s time to replenish supplies.

    Use data gleaned from your existing sales and website data to create nuanced personas -- budget-conscious glam girls, shoppers in regions that are still in pandemic lockdown -- to drive the customer experience.

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    Healthy and Beauty eCommerce is one of the sectors that has benefitted the most from the rise in digital buying. In parallel, consumer behaviors and expectations have evolved rapidly. As the trend is likely to continue, eCommerce retailers have to up their game to keep winning. Our eBook discusses 7 strategies that can enable brands to take on changing customer behavior during challenging times and beyond.


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