Guide to attain DevOps maturity level 5

What’s your DevOps maturity level?

Setting up a DevOps model, identifying the current state of DevOps maturity or progressing to the next level of DevOps maturity is a challenge for many organizations.

This eBook focuses on helping organizations at each of the three stages with ideas recommended by DevOps thought leaders and organizations that have the most successful DevOps process in place.

From beginning your groundwork for setting a DevOps culture, to smoothly transitioning to a higher level of maturity, this eBook could serve as a checklist for CIOs to guide their team towards attaining top DevOps maturity.

Included :

  • tick Normalize the technology stack
  • tick Standardize and Reduce Variability
  • tick Expand DevOps Practices
  • tick Automate Infrastructure Delivery
  • tick Provide Self-Service Capabilities

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