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Digital transformation disrupted B2B in recent years, and the change is now happening in the manufacturing segment. Manufacturers have started realizing that direct-to-consumers (D2C / DTC) is the way forward for them to catch up with the increasing digital adoption by their consumers.

87% of the leading manufacturing industry brands view digital transformation as a critical area of focus - Forbes.

If you are a manufacturer looking to join the D2C bandwagon, our eBook co-authored with Adobe can serve as the starting point.

The eBook details 12 digital experiences that manufacturers can provide in their eCommerce store for different segments of customers like B2B buyers (distributors/wholesalers/resellers), and retail buyers (end consumers) to accelerate growth.

  • The current D2C market scene
  • Digital experiences for business customers
  • Digital experiences for distributors and resellers
  • Direct digital buying experiences
  • Hybrid models to build a direct-to-consumer website

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    The Digital Opportunity                                             

    Manufacturers today understand that delivering a great digital experience can help their business succeed across multiple dimensions, including new customer acquisition, customer loyalty, and sales volume through distributors and resellers.

    In a survey by Fictive, 97 percent of manufacturing leaders said COVID-19 has created business opportunities, and 87 percent highlighted digital transformation as a critical area of focus.

    However, just 14 percent believed their digital transformation activities were adequately funded. This suggests manufacturers who choose to invest in the digital experience— and enable their customers to do more online—could be at a major competitive advantage.

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    Better experiences for business customers

    Over the past several years, leading manufacturers have added new digital experiences like ecommerce for their business customers. In 2019, B2B ecommerce sales for manufacturers grew by nearly 21 percent to $430 billion, almost 20 times faster than US manufacturing sales through other channels.

    And then 2020 happened. Direct sales channels were disrupted as sales teams began working from home and having meetings online rather than in the field. Business buyers also changed their work habits, spending more time at home and online—often during odd hours such as late at night. These changes prompted many more manufacturers to introduce ecommerce and create a range of digital experiences for their business customers.

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    Provide self-service account management

    Leading manufacturers make it easy for business buyers to access their account information, run reports, and manage their purchases. Through ecommerce sites or portals, they allow customers to do all these things online.

    Not only do these ecommerce sites improve the customer experience, they also make life easier for direct sales reps. When customers are used to doing many tasks for themselves, direct sales reps can spend more time on account strategy and planning. The net result for manufacturers is greater efficiency—and satisfied customers who are more likely to buy more.

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    Are you a manufacturer looking to build your D2C? get to know the digital experiences your store can provide to delight various segments. This eBook recommends the top 12 customer experiences and hybrid eCommerce models that D2C brands can consider.


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