B2B eCommerce Success Playbook for Electrical Distributors

Out of 14,500 companies in the U.S B2B electrical distribution space, nearly 50% of the revenue goes to the top 50 distributors, making it difficult for the rest.

However, small and mid-sized companies have the advantage that they can leverage – the ability to offer personalized digital experience and unparalleled customer service.

To achieve those, a meticulously planned digital commerce strategy is imperative. Using Magento, B2B electrical distributors can add more to the online experience apart from just buying convenience.

Our eBook discusses some of the niche-specific high-priorities to consider while building a B2B eCommerce website for electrical distributors.

Included :

  • tick B2B Trends
  • tick Tools for Efficient Buying
  • tick Marketplace Support
  • tick B2C Support
  • tick Customer Centricity
  • tick Magento’s B2B-centric Features

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