So you want a new site, and your boss has asked you to find the best Magento eCommerce development services that fit in your budget. What’s your next step? As a Magento development company, we’re asked this question a lot. Here are our suggestions.

Design Chops

First impressions matter, so check out the website of the developer you’re considering. How does it look? Does it work when you click around it? And check out the sites they’ve developed for clients, which they’ll list (if they haven’t listed any, then walk away!).

Scope of Services

The truth is, you’ll need more than an awesome looking site. You’ll need a partner with deep expertise in your industry, eCommerce, the Magento platform, as well as the opportunities and challenges you face as a business.

Make sure the agency under consideration offers the breadth of services you’ll need. Most new builds and replatforming projects will need consulting (to document your requirements), creative design, development, integration with inventory, CRM, and other systems, as well as managed systems.

If an agency lacks any of these skill sets, you’ll need to spend time managing multiple vendors, timeframes, and budgets. Better to have it all under the same roof.

Check their Creds

Adopt a trust-but-verify approach when selecting a Magento Implementation Services partner. Magento offers several tiers of certificates designed to validate a developer’s real-world skills, so check to see if certified developers will be assigned to your project.

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So far, this is all background research you can do before engaging with the Magento development company. Once they’ve passed muster on these fronts, it’s time to call them.

Project Methodology and Planning

Ask any potential partner: How do you align your development approach to our short and long-term business goals? Does it encompass our creative, channel, customer, eCommerce, and content needs? And most important of all: how will you measure your success? Are your metrics aligned with ours?

Your site will be an important investment for your company; you’ll need to get a sense of how they’ll work with you to accomplish your business objectives.

All you need to do is contact Ziffity and our expert development team can get your company up and help you achieve your business goals.