5 reasons why SMBs should migrate to Magento Commerce

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced major retail stores to shut a sizable portion of their operations. Stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom canceled orders for inventory, so even when they do open, the shelves are likely to be empty.

For a majority of consumers, these department stores were the primary source for buying. Now they have to find alternatives to meet their needs. On the flip side, consumers are staying at home looking for a safer way to buy.

What do these situations tell us? It is time for eCommerce retailers to fill this void. Our latest eBook highlights how moving to Magento Commerce can help SMBs fill up the needs of consumers to find a safe buying alternative.

Included :

  • tick Creating engaging customer experience
  • tick Loyalty programs
  • tick Omnichannel approach
  • tick Data-driven improvements
  • tick Room to grow

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