5 customer experience expectations that every eCommerce brand should know

eCommerce is on the rise. 2020’s eCommerce growth roughly equaled previous estimates for the next three years combined – Adobe Digital Economy Index, February 2021. The climb in digital buying is expected to follow the same pace as of 2021. What does this mean for retailers?

B2C brands that have their eCommerce presence perfected will benefit. Especially, those who are ready to invest in customer experience will reap multifold benefits. 84 percent of consumers go out of their way to spend more money with brands that deliver a great experience.

If you are wondering what consumers expect in terms of experience, this eBook (co-branded with Adobe) can help you find the areas to focus on.

  • Flexible payment options
  • Curbside pickup and BOPIS
  • Personalization
  • Augmented Reality
  • Guided Selling

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    Transform Mobile Shopping

    We all thought that people would shop less on mobile devices and more on their laptops and desktops while they spent more time working at home. We were all wrong.

    Mobile shopping is growing faster than ever. Smartphones are on track to contribute more than 50 percent of online spend by September 2022.

    Although mobile shopping is accelerating, many retailers continue to report high levels of mobile traffic combined with lower conversion rates. We believe this happens because mobile purchases are often encumbered by complicated, multi-step forms and a checkout process designed for desktop users.

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    More flexible payment options

    Many consumers experienced financial stress during 2020—and a growing number of e-commerce providers began offering flexible “buy now, pay later” (BNPL) payment options.

    The net result is that BNPL has become wildly popular. The first two months of 2021 have already seen 215 percent YoY growth in usage.

    When done correctly, BNPL becomes a seamlessly integrated part of the checkout experience. Moreover, when shoppers use it, they’re likely to spend more. Orders placed using BNPL are 18 percent larger than orders placed with other payment methods.5 For retailers, adding flexible payment methods such as BNPL can increase average order value (AOV).

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    Curbside pickup and BOPIS

    While curbside pickup initially became popular during 2020, it’s clear that customers appreciate the added convenience and want it to continue.

    As of August 2020, 43.7 percent of the 245 retailers with stores ranked in the Digital Commerce 360 Top 500 offered curbside pickup, a sharp increase from 6.9 percent at the end of 2019.7 And Adobe research suggests that 30 percent of online consumers prefer BOPIS or curbside over delivery.

    Some of this change is due to consumers who work at home and can run short errands during the day. In 2021, this change in behavior resulted in consumers spending an extra $1.2 billion during work hours. However, since working from home appears to be a lasting trend, retailers should be prepared to keep curbside pickup and other forms of BOPIS easily available—and even make it better.

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