B2B eCommerce implementation is demanding. Ensuring 100% success is what every brand looks at while planning for it. To achieve that, B2B brands should focus on the often overlooked areas during the planning phase.

This eBook can serve as a checklist for brands to look at four such areas. Addressing these areas upfront can guarantee a flawless B2B implementation.

  • Search accuracy and responsiveness
  • Product data abundance and consistency
  • Prioritizing organic and mobile traffic
  • Precautions in 3rd-Party system integration

Build a B2B store that’s futureproof with the help of our eBook.

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    B2B customers, unlike B2C, will be shopping with clear intent. Those who use site search are more likely to purchase than those who use standard navigation.

    Speed, relevancy, accuracy, and presentation - everything matters when creating a great search experience. Search needs to be recognized as a larger piece of your implementation. Brands should address it in phases rather than trying to accomplish all search related goals at once, which is a common pitfall.

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    Product Content

    Clarity in product related data and its relevant information are essential for winning customers in the B2B landscape. The crux of the customer journey rests on the content featured on product pages. These form the basis of the look & feel of your products online.

    Poor, scarce, or otherwise unattractive product content can have a negative impact on other areas of your business, as stated by Shotfarm in their last report. For example:

    • It weakens confidence in the brand for up to 87% of users.
    • Only 13% would return to a store for the second time due to insufficient or confusing information.
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    Organic and Mobile Traffic

    When B2B buyers are considering a purchase, they spend 27% of that time independently researching online—good web strategies ensure your website and content appear organically in their searches.

    Organic traffic is earned by solid marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). When a business is replatforming its website, it’s crucial to ensure that organic traffic sources are not lost in the transition.

    Mobile traffic is a common area overlooked by B2B despite the fact that by 2021 the world’s m-commerce sales will make up for more than 50% of all e-commerce sales.

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    The secret sauce to achieve a flawless B2B eCommerce implementation.


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