Your eCommerce store is in place. What next? It needs a support team because activities like internal operations, marketing strategies, conversion rate optimization or market expansion, need your undivided attention.

Your store won’t be the same in areas of speed, security and other essentials, the way it used to be right after the initial Magento Development process is done. Though you’ve engineered a perfect Magento store, having a technical crew to regularly check, upgrade and fuel your eCommerce system for an uninterrupted long run is essential.

Here are some key points that insist on the importance of hiring a dedicated Magento maintenance and support team.

Performance Enhancement

Website visitors expect your pages to load in less than 3 seconds. If not, they’ll choose another website. After trying hard and succeeding in bringing visitors to your website, it would be a blunder to lose visitors due to slow page speed.

A 100-millisecond delay in load time can cause conversion rates to drop by 7% – Akamai

The performance you’ve witnessed while launching your store will keep coming down in the long run. Magento keeps rolling out performance enhancements and advances its caching systems with every version. A dedicated Magento support team in place would help in incorporating the latest in Magento to keep your store’s loading speed at its best.

Store Security

Preventing hackers from stealing user data and other crucial information is possible only if your store’s security is up to date. Like performance-enhancing features, Magento never misses out on providing security upgrades with each release.

In its latest release, Magento 2.4.3, Magento has provided 33 security improvements and fixes for issues found in the previous versions. The newest version also has reinforcements to fight better Remote Code Execution (RCE) and cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.

Merchants who are not able to upgrade to the latest version can install one of the security patches given below:

  • Adobe Commerce 2.4.2-p2
  • Adobe Commerce 2.3.7-p1

The vulnerabilities in 2.4.2 can be fixed using the security patch 2.4.2-p2.

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Customization and Development

Over time, your store’s functionalities might need changes or new features to be developed. The need for UI and UX design refresh would also arise. These factors, if not addressed then and there, would affect the overall user experience and deprive your store of the handy features your competitors will be offering.

Finding a new Magento partner for on-the-go customization and development requirements might take a long time. By then you would have lost a fair portion of your loyal customers and the opportunity to attract new visitors.

Partnering with a Magento support and maintenance team can take care of such development duties helping you to enhance your online store without downtimes.

Critical Support

No matter how technically sound your store is, there are still chances for your store to experience cyber-attacks, hosting bottlenecks (during flash sales) or glitches in frontend or backend systems.

At such times, you need a technology partner who can fix issues in an instant. While having shoppers frustrated at one end, it is hard to find the right Magento agency with the skill set to handle unexpected hurdles.

A Magento support and maintenance agency can provide critical support services like rescuing hacked websites to put them back on track, resolving platform issues, checking code obsoleteness, https errors, SSL and security errors and much more.

Extensions and Integrations

An outdated extension might stop working or violate PCI compliance and may affect the performance of the other functionalities. Your Magento support and maintenance experts could perform regular checks on extensions and APIs to fix issues before it affects users or backend operations.

Like extensions, the custom modules and third-party integrations in your store should be regularly updated.

Native support for integrating third-party systems like PIM or a marketplace means that only fewer configurations and third-party connectors are required. This provides your store with better stability.

If you have a maintenance team in place, they’ll keep upgrading your online store to the latest version of Magento which helps in getting rid of multiple extensions.

To Gear Up for Holiday Season Sales

What makes people swarm into your website during holiday season sales? Of course, its promotions, and discount coupons. Shoppers visit your website with an intention to save a lot through discounts.

If your discount coupons falter, it not only results in lost sales but also your brand’s goodwill. If you hire a Magento maintenance and support team, they will ensure all codes, timers, and coupons work so that users can buy without trouble.

Yet another challenge is handling site traffic. Forget your online store going down for a few minutes. As we discussed earlier, even a poor loading speed can make you lose dollars especially when millions of potential customers are thriving in your store with the intent to buy. Through monitoring tools, your maintenance team can predict downtimes and come up with countermeasures.

Also, usually, online stores are more likely to encounter cyberattacks during the holiday season. As a preventive measure, your Magento support team can audit network security, SSL validity period, PCI compliance and also keep reminding customers to change passwords.

Final Words

A well-built eCommerce store will only yield half the success. Continuous maintenance is of prime importance to reap the best results. Be it holiday season or any time of the year, your Magento store needs a dedicated support and maintenance team to keep things up and running.

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