Akeneo – Product information management

Establish 360-degree control of your product information management with Akeneo

Product Content Management

Create, curate, manage, maintain and monitor all your product from a single point with Akeneo’s PIM solution. Save time otherwise spent tinkering with individual product descriptions & metadata information.

Consistent Product Information

Create a single source of truth for product information by weeding out duplicates. Weed out duplicates, ensure consistent product data creation across all categories, subcategories and product listing pages.

Rich Product Data

Create compelling product stories with rich product data consisting of imagery, video, 3D graphics, and much more. Don’t just show your products, sell a story using Akeneo.

Automated Title & descriptions

Take away the effort and guesswork involved in product title & description creation with the help of automated title & descriptions.

Third-party integrations

Integrate your Akeneo PIM with commerce platforms or other internal systems for maximizing your product information management prowess.

Open-Source Flexibility

Customize the PIM system to perfection with Akeneo’s open-source code availability. Bank on our Akeneo expertise to add more functionalities to your PIM system.

Two Mighty Akeneo Editions for your PIM transformation

Community or Enterprise? Choose your pick. We’ll make Akeneo work the best for your PIM in both editions.

Community Edition

  • Import data using .xls, .csv, or third party systems
  • Intuitive product grid presentation that is easy on the eye
  • Quick product data edit
  • Data completeness check tool

Enterprise Edition

  • Advanced rights management
  • Validation workflow
  • Data Versioning and publishing
  • Rules engine to assign families to new products
  • Product Assets Manager for easier PIM

Ziffity’s Akeneo Expertise

Ziffity offers end-to-end implementation of Akeneo solution which will take you out of spreadsheet hell to an efficient product management system. Having implemented Akeneo for multiple customers, you can rely on our expertise to deliver the most optimum solution for your business.

Our Akeneo implementation services include:

  • Discovery and Requirement analysis
  • Setup and Implementation
  • Product Data Migration
  • Configuration management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Hosting and launch of your PIM

We also offer end-to-end Akeneo Managed Services to keep your PIM system up and running in top-notch condition at all times.

Ziffity’s Value Proposition

We believe there is a better way of managing product information. We hate spreadsheets as much as you do. We’re PIM experts and passionate about delivering nothing the best Akeneo PIM Service you can ask for.

Multi-industry Experience

We have worked with enterprises belonging to diverse industry backgrounds like retail, manufacturing, B2B distribution and much more. Our expertise will quicken the pace at which your PIM solution can be implemented.

Akeneo Solutions Partner

Akeneo approves us! We are an authorized Akeneo product information Management Solution Partner. Our Solution Partner tag is a testament to the fact that we adhere to best practices in setting up and managing world-class PIM systems like Akeneo.

Quick Turnaround

As a seasoned PIM implementation service provider, we know how to bring your product data under control in an organized fashion within a short span of time. Rest assured, your PIM solution will go live in the quickest turnaround time possible.

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