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Manufacturer of art and interior designing products

Wendover Art Group is a manufacturer of art with over 30,000+ works. In addition to paintings, the brand also produces decorative products for household and commercial spaces, such as mirrors, wallcoverings, and interior signage.

Based on your style, budget, and space, the brand provides consulting services to beautify your interiors and uniquely crafted artworks to turn them into a reality. With a market presence of 15 years, the brand has crafted unique interiors for several households and brands across the USA.


Wendover has its eCommerce store operating on Adobe Commerce. The brand was looking to roll out new features to its store but wasn’t able to achieve it with its existing agency.

The brand was looking for a managed services partner who could maintain its store and introduce new features and innovations faster.


Managed Services

Ziffity teamed up as the managed services partner for Wendor Art Group, maintaining their Adobe Commerce website. Based on a thorough audit, Ziffity identified the areas to improve the website’s functionalities and overall customer experience.

Item Configurator

Wendover had a variety of art works and complementing frames in different materials, shapes and sizes. The brand also included glass products, wallpapers, wood artwork that users will have to buy based on their size and style preferences.

Team Ziffity built a made-to-order provision called ‘Item Configurator’ that allows users to put together several products offered by Wendover to create unique decorative items for their interiors.

Adobe Commerce B2B Suite

Wendover Art Group had a list of feature development backlogs. As the managed services partner, Ziffity’s certified developers chipped in to speed up building B2B-specific functionalities using the Adobe Commerce B2B suite and brought new features to the market faster.

Freight Logic

Wendover had UPS as its shipment partner and wanted to add FedEx. The brand had certain conditions based on which the fulfillment task would be assigned to a fulfillment partner. To accommodate this provision, team Ziffity customized the freight logic. Based on conditions like product quantity, size, dimension, weight, etc., the orders will be assigned to either fulfillment partner.

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