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eCommerce managed services for a website buying and selling collectible fine wine.


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Two-decade old fine wine company

Vinfolio is a fine wine company based in Napa that provides individual wine lovers and restaurants services like buying, selling, storing, and shipping wine. The brand also provides storage services for wine producers and connects them with fine wine collectors to sell their products. For individual consumers, Vinfolio enables them to access some of the finest wine collections and storage facilities.


The brand was looking for a managed services partner to offload its support and maintenance services.

Vinfolio wanted to resolve glitches in its shipment mechanism and ERP.


Managed Services

As the managed services partner, Ziffity performed a thorough analysis of the store to identify bottlenecks, performance issues, and opportunities for improvement. Based on the results, Zffity's developers refactored the code and fixed bugs to ensure a glitch-free experience across the store.

ERP Integration

Vinfolio was facing inventory issues and data inconsistencies. To overcome the challenge, team Ziffity fixed the synchronization issues with the third-party ERP and the brand's store, enabling a smooth transfer of product data, inventory levels, pricing information, and more.

Shipping Customization

Vinfolio has specific shipment restrictions and pricing as its wine delivery services span across the USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Ziffity's developers, with their expertise, customized the shipping functionality. This enabled day-wise shipping restrictions, providing customers with clear information about the estimated arrival time during checkout.

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