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Creating the web presence of Mexico’s metalworking products and solutions provider



A 98-year-old supplier of industrial and
metalworking tools

Travers, a brand with nearly a century of history, specializes in offering a wide range of products and expert assistance to machine shops and those in the metalworking industry. Established in 1924, Travers boasts an extensive catalog featuring over 500,000 tools sourced from a pool of more than 800 renowned brands.


Travers Mexico, operating on a legacy eCommerce system, wanted to migrate to Adobe Commerce.

The brand wanted to reimagine its web presence as it aimed to provide an enhanced experience for its users alongside advanced eCommerce capabilities.

The brand was looking for a partner to create a user experience from the ground up that adheres to its new eCommerce platform.


UX / UI Research

Travers Mexico chose Ziffity as its design services partner, which also handled the migration initiative. Ziffity’s design team, upon thorough research and market analysis, planned a step-by-step approach to create the visuals of the brand’s customer-facing application.

Buyer Persona

Considering the existing customer demographics and several buyer personas, team Ziffity was able to narrow down to a few primary personas that could be ideal customers Travers would want to have and planned the design accordingly.

User Journey Analysis

After narrowing down the primary personas, Ziffity split their buying journey into five key phases (Awareness, Discovery, Comparison, Decision, and Delivery). The web pages, CTA buttons, features, and functionalities were structured to address the actions each persona would want to take while accessing the store from the start to the end of their buying journey.

Competitor Analysis

By analyzing competitors, Ziffity carved a unique design for Travers Mexico that sets the brand apart from the pack.

Wireframe and Mock-up

Considering the brand’s color code and stakeholder expectations, Ziffity created a wireframe and mock-up design that ensures the consistency of the design philosophy across several touchpoints.

UI Development

Ziffity’s UI development team worked in parallel with designers to turn the designs across static, listing, and product detail pages into responsive and functional interfaces.

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