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  • .NET (middleware)

98-year-old supplier of industrial and
metalworking tools

Founded in 1924, Travers provides product selection and expert application support for machine shops and metalworking. Travers offers over 500,000 tools from more than 800 brands and holds a vast range of Made-in-USA products. Their product portfolio includes end mills, calipers, abrasives, micrometers, drills, deburring tools, boring bars, and more. The brand also offers services like calibration, re-sharpening and technical support.


Travers wanted to customize their middleware to facilitate data flow between their ERP and Adobe Commerce backend to sync their orders, customer data, price and inventory.


Order Processing

As a store operating for millions of customers across the USA and Canada, Travers experiences a flurry of orders pouring in through its web store and marketplace listings. The simultaneous/synchronous processing of every order levied heavy loads on the server, resulting in loading time issues.

To overcome the challenge, Ziffity’s middleware engineers performed code-level customization on the middleware built on .NET to implement an asynchronous order processing mechanism that maintained the loading at an optimum level.

Customer ID-based order placement for B2B customers

The brand wanted a smooth transition for B2B customers, moving from transacting with the brand through portals or offline modes to its eCommerce store. Team Ziffity built a new order-placing process allowing regular B2B customers to use their customer IDs and place orders.

By creating a pre-authentication mechanism in the middleware, it crosschecks the customer ID with details like billing addresses, zip codes, email IDs, and so on to verify the customers. This enabled loyal customers to place orders instantly and benefit by accessing the special product pricing privileges while doing so.

Login Sync

The brand wanted to keep its customers' account details up to date to enable a quick preview of their past actions. Team Ziffity customized the .NET middleware to fetch the latest information like orders, address books, and backorders from ERP and project it at the front end whenever a registered customer logs in.

Live Pricing

Team Zififty custom built a Live-pricing API. Hence, the store was able to provide dynamic pricing by connecting to the middleware to render the pricing information along with coupons and contract prices based on the account's ID.

Promo Pricing

For customers to make use of the limited-period offers and discounts on select products, Ziffity’s middleware experts facilitated a promo code-based mechanism using Suffix pricing. While regular users can access promotional prices using code suffixes, privileged customers can apply both special and promotional prices.

Inventory Automation

Travers Mexico has its inventory rendered from the ERP. Adding to the store’s inventory, the store had products listed on the marketplace stores like Amazon and eBay. To keep the inventory levels up to date, team Ziffity customized the middleware to refresh inventory levels by fetching inventory details for the eCommerce store and the marketplace stores. This kept the B2B buyers informed about the stock levels to plan order quantities accordingly and the operations teams to proactively replenish stocks.

Order Automation

For prompt order processing, the orders placed across the brand’s exclusive store, Amazon, and eBay stores should be updated to the Magento backend. Orders from Amazon and eBay are stored in an external middleware (SolidCommerce) exclusively reserved for marketplace orders. Team Ziffity customized the middleware to act as a bridge that connects with the external middleware and provides order information updates to Magento for faster processing.

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