TAHARI ASL – eCommerce

Automation testing services for a clothing line crafted by one of the most celebrated designers in the U.S.A.




Tech Stack

  • UI and UX Audit
  • Load Testing

A fashion line spearheaded by
America’s most celebrated designer

One of the most sought after women’s clothing brand that sells omnichannel. Headquartered in New York City, Tahari ASL is backed by designer Arthur S. Levin, who has steered America’s widely celebrated fashion lines to success for more than 40 years.


Tahari ASL was in the process of developing a new ecommerce website using one of their existing partner in NYC. They wanted an agency with eCommerce expertise to perform an end to end audit of the website independently to ensure the website is of global standards.


UX Audit

Conducted Usability test and analysed the results to identify areas of improvement in the ecommerce site.

End-to-End Functionality and UI Testing

End to end to testing of the website developed by another agency to ensure the site is launched with zero critical errors.

Load and Security Testing

Conducted test to confirm Hit rate & Response time under load. Performed Security testing to identify vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting, frame injection, open redirection, etc.

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