Who They Are?

An American retail major that sells safety equipment, building products, tools, hardware and maintenance products including restroom supplies. The brand enjoys a customer base of 90000+ and offers 1,000,000+ products across multiple categories.

What They Needed?

A handoff from their existing Magento agency which had their code base and hosting setup controlled. They wanted to be associated with an agency providing Magento Managed Services who can enable the migration of the current system to an independent, scalable hosting architecture and perform continuous enhancements.

What Ziffity Did?

Website Analysis

Ziffity performed a thorough analysis of the client’s existing eCommerce setup to prepare a new infrastructure that’s ideal to accommodate a successful handoff from the old environment.

Migration Phase

The client’s eCommerce setup consisting of 2 websites in a single Magento instance was migrated to a newly built AWS cloud infrastructure retaining the custom code, user data, and 3rd party integrations.

Load Testing

In order to ensure a flawless move, our quality assurance engineers performed load testing during the beta phase and post the migration process which helped in identifying the speed of system’s work under a certain load.

Server Monitoring

Our server experts monitored the web application, Varnish Cache, and database systems to track, analyze and detect CPU utilization during scenarios like a spike in traffic.

Performance Optimization

Through regular website and server audits, Ziffity’s performance experts identified issues that were slowing down the website and carried out appropriate techniques to improve page loading speed.

3rd Party Integration Support

Ziffity provided 3rd party integration support using middleware to retain the experiences offered by the native version of the website in terms of search, advanced product filtering, product recommendations and cross-sell suggestions.

How did they benefit?

  • Enhanced user experience and performance.
  • Migration to AWS platform with zero downtime.
  • Better search experience despite having million+ products.
  • Quick response and resolution time.

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