Who They Are?

A pioneering company in merchandising and promotional products supplies market in USA whose portfolio expands to 18+ categories of products.

What They Needed?

A new-age PIM solution to move from a traditional product data management approach and centrally manage product information with a wide array of attributes.

What Ziffity Did?

Identifying Pim Solution

Analyzing business needs of the client and considering their current operational scenarios and bottlenecks, Ziffity’s experts zeroed in on Akeneo as the appropriate product information management solution.

Catalog Structure Creation

Ziffity conducted workshops for catalog structure modeling by defining channels, category hierarchy, permissions, product families, attributes and attribute groups. The structure was iterated to make it foolproof and also flexible enough to future changes.

Product Launch Workflow

To enable smooth and swift product launches, Ziffity created a workflow that defines roles, tasks, and permissions for users collectively responsible for product data like specs, images, shipping cost and more.

Product Catalog Feed And Spread

To ensure flawlessness of the newly created product catalog structure in Akeneo, our team fed data from various sources into catalog structure and spread catalog information across other sales channels.

Reference Data

Created reference data for product attributes to avoid the duplication of data in multiple places. For example, Print method was created as a reference data and the values were referred across multiple attributes for a product.

Quality Assurance

Post the successful implementation of Akeneo PIM and data feed to the new product catalog structure, Ziffity’s quality assurance engineers tested the output across several use cases.

How did they benefit?

  • 10+ customizations on PIM to align the system with the business’ logic.
  • Managed 500+ products and 1000s of SKUs via PIM.

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