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PIM Implementation for a pioneer in customized gifts.


SKUs managed via PIM


faster time to market


PIM customizations


sales channels data managed centrally




Tech Stack

  • PIM integration with Adobe Commerce

A pioneering company in merchandising
and promotional products

SWEDA is one of the most renowned brands for custom promotional products. The brand focuses on providing gifts that suit any event's cause, purpose, or theme. SWEDA provides personalization from utility products to electronics through its exclusive and innovative decorating techniques, mainly print. The brand offers products across 18+ categories.


Owing to the brand's vast portfolio and customizable products, the eCommerce store had 1000s of catalog information. The brand was looking for a PIM (Product Information Management) solution to declutter product data.

The brand wanted a single interface to manage product information available in two different sales channels centrally.

As SWEDA frequently added new products to its portfolio, the brand wanted a streamlined workflow for creating content (description, specifications, multimedia assets etc). The brand believed that a clear workflow could help bring the products to market faster with relevant and accurate information customers look for.


Identifying PIM Solution

After analyzing the client's business needs and considering their bottlenecks in content creation workflows, Ziffity's experts zeroed in on Akeneo as the appropriate product information management solution.

Catalog Structure Creation

Ziffity conducted workshops for catalog structure modeling by defining channels, category hierarchy, permissions, product families, attributes, and attribute groups. The structure was iterated to make it foolproof and flexible enough for future changes.

Product Launch Workflow

To enable smooth and swift product launches, Ziffity created a workflow that defines roles, tasks, and permissions for various teams (like design and content) collectively responsible for product data like specs, images, shipping costs, and more.

Product Catalog Feed and Spread

To achieve data consistency of the newly created product catalog structure in Akeneo, our team fed data from various sources into catalog structure and spread information across other sales channels.

Reference Data

Ziffity created reference data for product attributes to avoid the duplication of data in multiple places.

Quality Assurance

After successfully implementing Akeneo PIM and data feed to the new product catalog structure, Ziffity's quality assurance engineers tested the output across several use cases.

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