PARI order – Design

Crafting the online legacy for a century-strong respiratory care pioneer

A trusted brand in respiratory therapy
device manufacturing

PARI order is a century-strong manufacturer of respiratory therapy devices. The brand manufactures a wide range of devices like nebulizers, compressors, and aerosol masks. Doctors, pharmacists, and patients have trusted the brand for decades. PARI order offers its products offline through a worldwide distribution network.


The brand had a wide range of distribution networks and wanted to build an eCommerce store to enable online buying for its customers in the USA.

The brand was looking for a partner to handle the UX design and UI development for its eCommerce initiative.


UX / UI Research

PARI order partnered with Ziffity to spearhead its design initiatives. Ziffity planned a phased approach based on the insights derived from its research and market analysis to create appropriate design elements for the eCommerce store.

Buyer Persona

Considering the brand's B2B customer demographics like doctors and pharmacists, team Ziffity zeroed in on primary personas and planned to structure the design to cater to their use cases.

User Journey Analysis

As the B2B purchase process involves a lot of stakeholders and decision-makers, team Ziffity considered customers' expectations across the five phases of the buying journey and accordingly structured the page elements like functionalities, CTA buttons, etc.

Competitor Analysis

The competitor analysis enabled Ziffity design experts to create a unique and visually appealing look for the eCommerce store.

Wireframe and Mock-up

Ziffity created a wireframe and mock-up design that adheres to the brand guidelines and stakeholder expectations. Ziffity’s designers ensured the design looks consistent across the eCommerce store.

UI Development

Alongside UX design, Ziffity’s UI development team worked on turning the static, listing, and product detail pages into responsive and functional interfaces.

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