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Smart mobile app solution provider for healthcare

Orbit is a technology service provider that focuses on providing smart solutions for simplifying operations and payments in the healthcare industry.


The brand wanted to build an app to help clinics, hospitals, and medicine practitioners simplify insurance capture and provide a faster payment experience for patients.


iOS App Development

As the technology partner for Orbit Health, Ziffity’s mobility experts zeroed in on building an iOS app that can be used in kiosks at healthcare facilities and enable self-service registration and payments for patients.

Faster Onboarding

To onboard new patients faster into the hospital records, Ziffity built a DIY (do-it-yourself) feature that enables them to key in details like Name, Address, Occupation, and proof documents for verification.

Information Capture

To enable quick information capture, team Ziffity built an OCR scanner feature in the iOS app. This enabled retrieving patients' insurance details and cross-verifying necessary documents.


To provide a hassle-free payment experience for customers, Ziffity built a scan feature that calculates the insurance contribution for the treatments availed and the amount a patient should pay at the kiosk.

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