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Modernizing monolithic eCommerce app for high maintainability and flexibility



Fashion | Retail

Tech Stack

  • Node.JS
  • Kubernetes

A preferred clothing and apparel brand
for women and kids

The brand is one of the leading retail chains in the USA for fashionable women’s clothing and apparel. The clothing store amasses products from 15+ known brands in the USA and is known for its quality and in-trend fashion clothing.


The clothing brand wanted to simplify its monolithic architecture to bring in new features to market faster without affecting the entire eCommerce ecosystem.

The brand wanted to provide a faster storefront experience, reducing the frontend server load.


Fragmenting Monolithic

To overcome the dependency challenge in the monolithic system, we suggested a Microservices approach to break it down and build independently deployable and manageable systems.

Headless Commerce

Ziffity followed a headless approach to separate the store’s customer-facing layer from the backend before breaking several close-knit systems into individual microservices.

Strangler Approach

Around the monolithic system, team Ziffity incrementally built new independent systems for each operation like Products, Carts, Orders, Payments, Customer Data, Prices, Tax Calculation, etc.

Exclusive Databases

Each newly built microservices separated from the monolith was assigned to exclusive databases to handle requests more effectively and, most importantly, respond only when required, resulting in faster responses and less server load.


To authenticate requests sent to each microservice from the front end, team Ziffity turned the authentication layer into a separate microservice that can centrally manage and route requests to respective services without delays.

Service Discovery

To streamline communication of the frontend and authentication layers with every microservice, team Ziffity leveraged the client-side and server-side service discovery mechanisms. This helped in smoothly directing requests to respective microservices and redirecting them within other microservices based on the request’s processing workflow.


Leveraging Kubernetes, Ziffity’s experts established containerization and service orchestration, which helped in monitoring and service discoveries within the distributed microservices architecture.

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