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High quality cosmetics ingredients manufacturer

Letsmakebeauty is one of the suppliers of the finest raw materials for cosmetics brands catering to skin care, hair care, sun care, and personal care needs. Backed by a team of experts in science, green chemistry, technology, R&D, regulatory compliance, and global manufacturing, letsmakebeauty provides safe ingredients that help beauty brands create high-quality products for their customers.


The brand was looking to refine its SEO and content strategy but needed more crucial data to make informed decisions that would work.

The brand had limited insights into competitors’ strategies and performance.

The brand wanted to understand the market better to identify the gaps and opportunities for improvement.


Ziffity devised a comprehensive approach to address Letsmakebeauty's challenges and provide actionable insights.

Competitor Analysis

As the brand was into manufacturing beauty product ingredients, Ziffity started by identifying the key competitors in the niche market. Ziffity benchmarked the brand against competitors to determine their relative positions in the industry. The team also gathered insights on what works best for the brand and devised a strategy to achieve it.

Keyword Analysis

Ziffity's SEO experts evaluated competitors' keyword rankings to determine their SEO performance and identify the search volume and competition for top-performing keywords. Ziffity generated a list of potential keywords that need to be targeted to help the brand compete with the market leaders.

Domain Analysis

Team Ziffity examined competitors' domain authority, backlink profiles, and site architecture. Based on the insights, Ziffity devised an SEO approach to improve the brand's domain strength.

On-Page Analysis

Ziffity performed a detailed on-page analysis of competitors' websites, which helped identify elements that improved user interaction and conversion across the website. Based on the insights, Ziffity recommended on-page content and UI optimization that achieve better results.

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