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The color solution provider for manufacturers

Coloro serves as the coloring expert for manufacturers of physical products from several segments like FMCG, CPG, industrial supplies and more. The brand also provides digital coloring solutions for brands to create their online identity and color codes for their design initiatives. The coloring experts from Coloro assist in preparing certified and quality-controlled physical colors that are usable across several physical substances like fibers, metals, and illuminants.


Coloro enjoys a huge client base, including globally renowned names like Puma, Adidas, and Nike. The brand has a website to showcase the color codes they offer for each brand, which constitutes over 90 websites. Managing several websites was a daunting task.

Coloro wanted to refresh the look of their online portfolio and provide a gateway for customers to register and sign up with their B2B portal.


Managed Services

Ziffity teamed up as the managed services partner for Coloro, maintaining their portfolio website. Performing a complete analysis of the website, Ziffity identified areas for improvement and performance optimization.

Hyva Theme

To enhance the performance of the store, Ziffity zeroed in on Hyva theme. The open-source theme provided room for customization, enabling Ziffity to build specific functionalities and frontend features Coloro wanted.


Team Ziffity leveraged Next.js to build the storefront functionalities. This helped in achieving a faster loading website enabling a smooth experience for users.


Coloro had a B2B portal allowing its customers to buy raw materials in color. To provide a faster checkout experience for users, Ziffity integrated a one-step checkout extension and customized it to accommodate Coloro's business logic.


Coloro had more than 90+ websites to showcase its color portfolio. Managing several websites was a daunting task for the brand. As the managed services partner, Ziffity simplified its online portfolio by classifying websites into continent-wise stores.

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