Hudson’s Furniture – eCommerce

Adobe Commerce (Magento) migration service for a leading furniture brand in the U.S.A.




Tech Stack

  • Custom-built eCommerce system to Magento migration
  • ERP integration with Magento

A 40-year-old multi-branded furniture
retailer in Florida, U.S.A.

Hudson’s Furniture is a retail chain specializing in commercial and residential furniture. The company offers a wide range of collections from 85+ renowned brands for indoor and outdoor furnishing needs through its well-spread network of 17 stores across Florida, U.S.A.


The brand wanted to ramp up its eCommerce infrastructure to accommodate its growing needs.

The brand was looking for an agency to perfect their migration from a custom-built eCommerce system to Magento.

The furniture brand wanted to reimagine its storefront experience by performing a design overhaul.


Migration to Magento 2

Ziffity's migration experts perfected the process of migrating the store from a custom-built infrastructure to Magento Commerce. Ziffity took a handoff from the brand's previous Magento agency as the migration attempt wasn't successful. As a part of our Project Rescue services, team Ziffity focused on rectifying the shortcomings experienced by the brand during its first attempt and ensured a smooth transition to Magento.

Lead Capturing Tool

As a majority of customers were placing orders online using the lead capturing tool, Ziffity made sure that it was integrated into various places across the website to make it easily accessible and thus improve conversions.

ERP Integration

The store’s third-party ERP system held 30,000+ SKUs which the brand wanted to display in selected sales channels based on attributes. Ziffity came up with a logic to meet the complex requirements and ensured seamless sync between Magento and ERP.

UX Enhancements

Ziffity’s design experts performed UI and UX improvements throughout the eCommerce store. The website was enhanced with interactive UI elements, and the design refresh provided an appealing look for the website.

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