Digital presence is of paramount importance for any business to attract the right set of audience in this era. An official company website is the preferred source of information and has a multi-faceted data pool consisting of products, solutions, services, in various content formats such as text, images, videos, pdf, etc.,

What and how visitors consume the site content demands a second look because today’s visitors have a short attention span and like to check out sites very quickly. So, if the site doesn’t appeal to them in the first few minutes, they are less likely to revisit. This is why personalization matters a lot.

Site visitors may use a desktop, laptop or a mobile phone to access your site. To helps establish the brand’s story in the customers’ mind across all access points, you need a strong content management system. For an enterprise, a web content management system (WCMS) should be scalable and versatile like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) platform.

What is AEM?

AEM CMS helps create, manage and effectively deliver website content, mobile apps and forms as well. As part of the Adobe Experience Cloud, AEM can integrate with a wide set of Adobe tools such as Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, Adobe Audience Manager etc., Thus AEM is scalable for all brand-building efforts and the digital marketing requirements of an enterprise.

As part of the basics of AEM, the five key pillars you need to know, are AEM Sites, AEM Assets, AEM Mobile, AEM Forms, and AEM Communities.

AEM Sites

AEM Sites helps speed up content creation and includes AEM content management system and AI assistance as well. The key advantages of using AEM Sites are:

  • Controlling all mobile sites and responsive designs from one common platform.
  • Managing multi-sites, i.e, sites specific to locations and languages, from a central system.
  • Integrating ERP, PIM and other systems with your eCommerce platform using AEM Site tools.
  • Providing a unified digital experience across devices (desktop/laptop/smartphone).  

AEM Assets

AEM Assets allow you to manage, edit, optimize and deliver assets. It includes Digital Asset management (DAM), AI and automation. With AEM assets, you can:

  • Create, review, approve and manage assets.
  • Automate assigning of tags and metadata to all the assets.
  • Integrate your assets with Creative Cloud and deliver quality experiences.
  • Access only one set of assets and build limitless customizations and variations of assets.
  • Make responsive videos compatible with different screen dimensions of various devices.

AEM Mobile

AEM Mobile lets you create, build and manage business apps focused on great user experience. With the power of Adobe Experience Cloud, develop apps that have significant business impacts. With AEM Mobile, you can:

  • Create specific mobile apps with a unified dashboard yet different functionalities.
  • Integrate with CRM, PIM and other Adobe tools as per business requirements.
  • Control all your apps from a centralized dashboard and roll out updates effortlessly.
  • Re-purpose the content suitable for the mobile app to better engage with customers.
  • Measuring engagement and optimizing the app experience using Adobe Marketing Cloud.

AEM Forms

AEM Forms provide end-to-end enrollment and onboarding of users with a personal touch. They are mobile-responsive, have an auto-save feature, can be integrated with e-sign and Adobe reader extensions, etc., AEM Forms have these advantages:

  • Availability of form-filling guides like videos, help text, pre-filled fields, etc.,
  • Security and document-tracking with the help of Adobe Forms.
  • 24/7 access to personalized statements regardless of user location and time.
  • Customizations based on user profile, location etc., to deliver the best experience.

AEM Communities

AEM Communities can build forums, user groups, and social features to enhance user interaction with the site and converting site visitors to contributing members of the community. It allows social login with Facebook & Twitter, file sharing, notifications and much more.  Here are some of the noteworthy benefits of using AEM Communities:

  • Create a user-friendly community interface that is consistent with your brand identity.
  • Educate customers and employees about brand knowledge and technical know-how.
  • Fine-tune user engagement based on analytics that emerges from online communities.
  • Keep the site fresh with user-generated content (UGC) imported from social media channels.


AEM platform is one of the versatile and among the best web CMS in the market. As evident from the five pillars of Adobe Experience Manager, there’s so much this Web CMS can do for your site.

If you’re eager to know more about AEM or looking for a suitable web CMS, Ziffity can help. Ziffity provides a host of Adobe Experience Manager services such as consultation, implementation, integration, migration and managed services. Whether you need a strategy for AEM adoption or a full-scale AEM implementation our expert team is ready to help you derive the most out of Adobe Experience Manager.

Let’s discuss how we can help your business grow with AEM.