What if, as an eCommerce owner, you possessed a superpower that could skyrocket your revenue faster than ever before? Imagine the possibilities!

There’s nothing better than being able to get more revenue out of your business, preferably at a lower cost and with no extra effort.

That’s exactly what Bob the eCommerce Guy wanted for his business. And he tried everything to achieve his goal but to no avail. Bob tried a lot of things like investing in more staff training, pumping more money into marketing, switching up his brand colors, and creating more content.

But nothing worked. Does this sound familiar to you?

And then one day, just as he was about to give up on his goal, Bob remembered a piece of advice he got so many years ago “The right tools can save you time, and effort, and keep you from a lot of frustration.”

So, he decided to turn to Salesforce Einstein and Salesforce GPT to achieve his goals, and these AI-powered tools easily raised his eCommerce revenue. In this article, we’re going to see how that happened.

What is Salesforce Einstein?

Salesforce Einstein is a group of AI capabilities and services that are built into the Salesforce platform to enable users like Bob to automate and streamline their business operations.

With Salesforce Einstein AI, eCommerce businesses are empowered to develop insight, make predictions, and spot important trends in their data–-all of which would be impossible to do without it.

Bob was able to use this AI tool to optimize his business processes and improve customer experience by boosting employee productivity and ramping up customer engagement.

What Is Salesforce GPT?

Salesforce GPT or Einstein GPT is the world’s first generative AI CRM tool. It is designed to deliver content across every sales, marketing, commerce, service, and IT interaction at mindboggling scale.

Imagine being able to deliver an unforgettable customer experience at every customer touchpoint using nothing else but AI prompts–that’s the power of Salesforce GPT.

With this AI tool, every member of Bob’s team suddenly became an effective decision-maker thanks to real-time customer data and insight they were getting from the tool.

Salesforce Einstein Can Help Increase Your Revenue in Several Ways

To be clear, Salesforce GPT is a part of Salesforce Einstein, and together they are capable of delivering AI-created personalized experiences across every Salesforce cloud, as well as providing employees with real-time customer data and insights, among other things.

Once Bob got started with Salesforce cloud commerce implementation, it wasn’t difficult for him to leverage Salesforce Einstein to quickly increase his eCommerce sales.

Thanks to the tool, he was able to leverage.

Real-Time Data Collection and Analytics

eCommerce tools that can track and aggregate past customer data across websites are a dime a dozen. These tools make it easy to leverage past customer behavior for activities like remarketing.

However, Salesforce Einstein takes things further by also providing real-time customer data that make it possible for businesses to anticipate customer behavior and be proactive.

In other words, Bob gets the best of both worlds.

After he installed the AI tool, it memorized all the available data on customers, groups of customers, and potential target audiences, and then tracked real-time behavior to ensure accurate predictive analysis of customer expectations at every touchpoint.

For example, whenever someone lands on Bob’s eCommerce website for the first time ever, Salesforce Einstein would immediately get familiar with their habits and preferences by memorizing every action and purchase they make.

This data then enables the AI to prepare special offers, recommendations, and discounts that align with the customer’s behavior on the website.

And this is not a one-time feature, every new bit of information is taken into account so that only relevant recommendations and offers are sent out to target customers.

In addition to this, Salesforce Einstein takes into consideration any special requests Bob has, and the specifics of his business, whenever making recommendations.

The ultimate result is that Bob gains far greater insight into the interactions between customers and his business, and this empowers him and his employees to make the best possible decisions to increase sales quickly.

Customer Insights and Behavioral Predictions

Bob imagines Salesforce Einstein as a two-way-looking glass that perfectly connects two worlds.

On one side, there’s him, the vendor, on the receiving end of a constant stream of customer insights based on purchases, visits, and habits.

And on the other side of the looking glass, there’s the customer who benefits from consistently relevant communication, offers, and experiences coming from Bob’s business at every touchpoint.

It’s a win-win relationship where everybody is left satisfied and happy.

And none of it would be possible without the deep customer insights that Einstein AI offers.

This data is available to high-level employees like Bob and his assistants; as well as entire teams across the organization who are looking to make better, more informed decisions.

This is exciting because there’s no limit to how creative they all can get with their business offerings. Since they always have a clear idea of what the customer wants, they can consistently and continuously present relevant offers to their customers.

Satisfied and engaged customers keep coming back to do business.

Data-Informed Automation

One of Bob’s favorite features of Salesforce Einstein is data-informed automation.

Salesforce GPT takes automation to the next level by making data-centered automation easy to set up.

Once your team has access to real-time customer data, they no longer have to guess what sort of automation is required to deliver the best customer experience and deepen the customer relationship.

Imagine the email marketing feature of send-time optimization for example. Imagine Bob has a customer named John who, according to the data, usually shops on Bob’s website between 6 PM and 8 PM.

Bob can set up an automation sequence that sends an email with a special offer to John within that timeframe. And he can set everything up, including writing the email, with AI prompts.

Individualized automation like this–that is based on data insights about individual customers and customer groups–is brand new to the market and a key feature that sets Salesforce GPT apart from any other eCommerce cloud implementation out there.

It makes it possible for Bob to build automation around the shopping habits and schedules of individual customers.

The more data his AI collects, the better his system works.

Key Features of Salesforce Einstein and Salesforce GPT

All the above revenue-generating capabilities that these Salesforce tools endow upon Bob and his team are due to some key features. These include:

  • Product Recommendations

    This is one of the most practical features that comes with this tool. The product recommendations feature promotes relevant products to individual shoppers based on data like their current behavior on the website and their purchasing history.

  • Search Dictionary

    The major parts of this feature are text relevancy and trailhead module. While text relevancy organizes search results based on search terms, trailhead module suggests additional configuration items like synonyms, suggestion phrases, and so on to improve your search results.

    Bob’s customers can continuously tweak and play around with these suggestions and configurations to optimize their search results and ensure they are getting the most relevant items.

  • Predictive Sort

    This feature enables Salesforce Einstein to optimize the browsing and searching experience for every category for each visitor, based on their behavior.

    Einstein collects data on shopper behavior to know which products to re-order and place at the top of the search results or listing pages. This dynamic display is designed to present only the most relevant and interesting items first to shoppers.

    Coupled with other search-enhancement features like trailhead module and text relevance, predictive sort makes it easy for Bob to offer his customers what they want–and what they didn’t even know they wanted–every single time.

  • Search Recommendations

    eCommerce search functions are notorious for being clumsy and clunky. Sometimes you wonder if the search function understands you at all.

    Bob is able to solve this problem for his customers by using Salesforce Einstein to make search more contextually accurate. Once he deploys it, the AI tool analyzes search terms, user location, and the device in use to auto-complete search terms for customers.

  • Headless API

    Salesforce Einstein enables Bob to present highly relevant offers to shoppers, thanks to a feature called Einstein Profile Connector which uses a headless API to feed crucial bits of information to the system.

    Some of this information includes:

    • Favorite colors
    • Preferred brands
    • Gender

    Information like this enables Bob’s employees to finetune their recommendations into highly specific offers that are bound to excite shoppers.

  • Pricing Optimization

    Proper pricing can mean more profit for an eCommerce business. Einstein GPT helps with this by analyzing historical sales data and other factors to come up with the best price point for every product on display. In this manner, pricing becomes a competitive advantage that works for Bob, rather than against him.

  • Inventory Management

    Salesforce Einstein also helps Bob with inventory management. The AI tool analyzes historical sales data and product turnover to ensure inventory levels never run out or get overstocked.

  • Marketing Automation

    There is a lot of automation built into Salesforce Einstein to ensure users like Bob and his team become super-efficient. Thanks to all these automation tools, users can leverage customer data and machine learning to automate marketing campaigns and deliver specific, targeted marketing messages.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation proved to be the tool that Bob the eCommerce Guy needed to quickly increase his revenue and take his business to the next level. Where everything else had failed, Salesforce Einstein and Salesforce GPT put everything in place to make it easier for him to know his customers better and serve them better.