Oracle Commerce is a leading eCommerce platform focused on providing a secure, performance driven and scalable architecture with unique features around hyper personalization, Omni-channel experience, segmented pricing, search, merchandising, seamless integration with third-party applications or channels, product management among others. Oracle Commerce Platform provides capability to deliver a unified buying experience across all touch points, including the web, contact center, mobile devices, social media, physical stores and more.

Oracle Commerce Product Suit – What’s in the box?

Product suit comes with several applications such as

ATG Commerce

  • DAS (Dynamo Application Server)
  • DAF (Dynamo Application Framework)
  • DPS (Dynamo Personalization Server)
  • DSS (Dynamo Scenario Server)
  • DCS (Dynamo Commerce Server)
  • Content Administrator
  • Site Administrator
  • Merchandising
  • Reference Store Application
  • ATG Control Center (ACC and BCC)
  • ATG Customer Service Center
  • Unified Multisite Architecture
  • Endeca Search
  • Experience Manager

The diagram below outlines all the Oracle Commerce modules, Commerce Suit, Front-end Application layer and the backend integration layer.

What makes Oracle Commerce stand out?

Consistent and relevant personalization to every buyer: Instead of predicting what the buyers need and developing static pages, layouts and paths, the platform has the potential to dynamically gather and scale an unlimited number of personalized experiences. It allows retailers to learn more about buyers over time by tracking their behavior and activity to provide more granular, valuable experiences. If the buyer has a richer profile and history, their information is utilized in such a way that the platform dynamically delivers personalization on top of the default experience. The more buyer information available, the more targeted the personalization becomes.

Empowering Business users with Business Control Center: The platform provides simple web based tools (like Business Control Center) to the retailers inspired by their needs. With a single solution, retailers can have complete access to all merchandise and buyer’s data, and can create and optimize the cross-channel infrastructure and buyer experience all by themselves.

Mapping multiple data sources to single repository: Optimization of Omni-channel experiences wouldn’t be possible without constant and easy access to multiple data and content sources. The platform is built on Data Anywhere Architecture which provides a seamless way to integrate a new data source by using simple xml file. It also provides access to data stored in file systems, relational databases and LDAP directories using the same set of interfaces. The platform has the ability to automate processing of huge volumes of information to provide more appealing experiences at a low cost to the business.

High Performance for Operational Scalability: The platform has ability to handles extensive and complex catalogs with millions of SKUs, handling several thousand simultaneous users, millions of page views per hour and process huge number of transaction per day. It can process voluminous data from numerous sources and provide advanced personalized experiences like recommending right products to the buyers based on their purchase history, profile and segments and all this while maintaining rock solid stability even at peak business hours.

Adaptive Scenario Engine: The platform has the ability to provide retailers the flexibility to create scenarios that are time-based, event-driven campaigns designed to oversee interaction between the site visitors and the content over a period of time.

Unified Multisite Architecture: Many business requires multiple sites or stores based on different buyer segments e.g. site for all buyers vs French or Chinese language specific site for buyers from France and China. Though the buyer interaction will be in a specific language, the underlying product catalog and other resources remains same. Influenced by such needs, the platform provides flexibility to retailers to manage multiple sites.

ATG Commerce Reference Store: The platform comes with a customized pre-built store that helps in quickly setting up production environment, reduce launch time and over all development cost.

The platform provides retailers the flexibility to dynamically grow from a simple site to multi-site, multi-channel, multi-currency, and multi-language environments. It is designed for operational simplicity, ensuring that a single index and application can deliver consistent performance throughout all touch points, as the business grows in time. With this approach, retailers can quickly launch new commerce stores, infiltrate new markets, and explore new channels. As the platform combines both frontend and backend applications, retailers have the capability to share functionality such as customized buyer segments and personalization strategies, carts, product catalogs, and promotions across all sites. With Oracle Commerce, the retailers get a platform that does much of what they need right out of the box, and provides strong tools to build a unique advantage for their business.